Using Big Data to Predict Online Student Success

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An ambitious research project is proving the payoffs of predictive analytics in higher ed, and early findings overturn conventional wisdom about student success.

U.S. panel offers draft recommendations for revamping higher education accreditation

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In new draft, U.S. panel endorses specific ideas for reworking higher education accreditation, including keeping link to student aid and defining common data for accreditors to use in judging colleges.

Education Department Admits Flawed Data in Gainful Employment Analysis

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The Department of Education admits failing to include black students in its calculation of loan repayment rates in run-up to gainful employment. The mistake will fuel for-profit claims of unfair treatment by feds.

Is Romney Right about Full Sail University?

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Mitt Romney singled out the university while praising for-profits as cost-effective. Full Sail graduates 78 percent of its students, but is it really the better value Romney suggested?

New investment fund to help traditional colleges take ideas to scale

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New $100 million investment aims to fuel innovation by nonprofit higher ed; first projects focus on Hispanic students and online education in Europe.

Kaplan CEO's book takes on higher ed's incentive system

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Andrew S. Rosen, Kaplan's CEO, takes on the traditional view of college with his debut book, arguing that higher education needs a "reboot" to meet America's goals.

Community college enrollment growth ends

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Community college enrollment drops slightly, but two-year institutions remain crowded after years of record growth.

Ex-President of For-Profit College Says He Was Fired for Helping Homeless Student

The now former president of Vatterott College in Kansas City, Mo., said he was fired after five years of leading the for-profit institution after allowing a homeless student to sleep overnight in the college's library to escape cold weather, according to a Fox affiliate.

Brian Carroll, the former campus president, said earlier this month he opened the institution's library to a student, who also has schizophrenia, after overnight temperatures dropped below zero. The student had been sleeping in a wooded area near the school and had run out of his medication, Carroll told the news station.

Surveillance cameras, which can be viewed remotely from Vatterott's Saint Louis-based management team, show the student didn't steal or damage anything in the library. But Carroll was fired once the Vatterott corporate leaders learned of his actions.

Carroll, who is originally from California, has worked in education for 35 years.

A Vatterott spokeswoman said that college policy precluded her from commenting on a personnel matter.

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Tips for embarking on the job market for the first time (essay)

Christina Berchini provides tips for embarking on the job market for the first time.

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Education Department announces thousands of new loan discharges

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Education Department action helps those who attended Corinthian, as well as ITT Technical Institute and American Career Institute.


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