The U of Phoenix looks to rise again with new advertising campaign

The beleaguered U of Phoenix fires back with new advertising campaign that challenges criticism of the for-profit institution.

Apollo's new owners to seek fresh start for beleaguered company

U of Phoenix's new owners could be looking to make major changes as the for-profit eyes transition to being a privately held company.

FTC and Education Department take action against DeVry University

Federal Trade Commission alleges the for-profit university misled students about their employment and income prospects, and Education Department seeks to stop DeVry from making deceptive advertisements.

U.S. Department of Education says additional Corinthian campuses misled students

The Education Department says additional campuses at the defunct for-profit chain exaggerated job placement rates, making another 85,000 students eligible for debt relief.

Obama administration, states reach major settlements with Education Management Corporation

Obama administration and state attorneys general settle cases against EDMC. Could these be a blueprint for others?

Study finds for-profit colleges drove spike in student loan defaults

Analysis says default problems in higher ed are largely due to surge in borrowing in that sector, with community colleges also playing a role.

As for-profit education sector faces financial woes and greater regulatory scrutiny, banks gain influence over colleges

As proprietary colleges struggle, banks gain increasing influence over their fates and their dealings with the government.

Ashford U's closure and what it says about for-profit higher ed

Ashford University is shutting down, 10 years after it became the platform for a publicly traded, mostly online college. A look at what the situation says (and doesn't say) about for-profit higher ed.

The for-profit industry is struggling, but has not reached the end of the road

Feeling the push to survive heightened regulations, intense scrutiny and negative perceptions, the for-profit industry looks to transition to a new era.

U.S. will erase debt for Corinthian students, create new loan forgiveness process

Obama administration announces debt relief for tens of thousands of former Corinthian students -- and possibly many more students at that college and others.


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