Obama administration has helped weaken and change the for-profit industry

The final gainful employment rules have plenty of critics, but it's undeniable that the Obama administration has made a difference with its five-year crackdown on for-profits.

Grand Canyon U., a major for-profit college, considers becoming nonprofit

One of the nation's largest for-profit colleges is thinking about becoming a nonprofit. 

Final gainful employment rules drop loan default rate

The Education Department releases its long-awaited gainful employment rules, making one key change and drawing complaints from both for-profits and their critics.

Bipartisan support for bringing back federal aid for 'ability-to-benefit' students

Community colleges gain traction in push to reinstate federal aid for students without a high school diploma, less so for bringing back "summer Pell."

Former student veteran earns grant and lands in Senate report

A reference to a veteran's student debt goes from a group's press release to a Democratic Senate report, showing both the power and peril of using anecdotes about students.

For-profit Anthem Education abruptly closes campuses after filing bankruptcy

For-profit company declares bankruptcy and starts closing campuses, leaving states scrambling and students scattered.

Education Department reviews its monitoring of large for-profits in wake of Corinthian collapse

The messy failure of Corinthian Colleges raises questions about limitations of the Education Department's oversight of for-profit chains, and how it might tighten as other companies teeter.

Community colleges and for-profits fare similarly in new study of employer responses

Employers view for-profits and community colleges equally on job applications, a novel study finds, but what that means is in the eye of the beholder.

Few for-profits have become nonprofits, despite regulatory environment

For-profits are under fire, and a few have made the jump to become nonprofits. But the process is tricky and offers a mixed bag on regulatory benefits.

Feds and Corinthian agree to a plan for the for-profit's closure, but questions remain

Education Department and for-profit college company agree to a phasing out plan, with 85 U.S. campuses on the block and a dozen to close.


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