DeVos Education Department estimates large student loan losses, but figures aren't guaranteed to influence debate

A new estimate quotes large losses, but defenders of the system say it's functioning as designed. Will the number matter in the larger debate over debt forgiveness and federal lending policy?

Rare no-confidence vote highlights division over cuts at Guilford College

A no-confidence vote was the first in the liberal arts college's 183-year history.

Report: Stark inequity in higher ed funding

It's known that some policies help the rich get richer, while the poor get poorer. A new report shows the same pattern is affecting institutions of higher education.

Results for bonds and new revenue for community colleges

Education in Maryland and Colorado could get a financial boost from voters' decisions, but California's community colleges lose out.

Marquette faces student and faculty pushback for planned cuts

Marquette is eyeing deep faculty cuts. An undergraduate says she was targeted for discipline because she questioned the administration.

Pandemic-related tuition freezes help slow average college sticker price increases to lowest rates in decades

Four-year colleges increased prices at the lowest rate in three decades, on average. But the COVID-19 pandemic's greatest effects on pricing, funding and student aid might still be to come.

As college staff face layoffs, some argue against budget cuts

Service staff in higher education have seen drastic layoffs and furloughs. Some have argued not all of those cuts were necessary.

What a second Trump term would bring higher education

There are Republican ideas to pursue, but most say they don't know what to expect -- except for more attacks on elite institutions.

College promise programs face cuts, uncertainty and changes

As states begin slashing budgets, some free college programs are feeling the sting.

Sacred Heart University withdraws from University of Bridgeport acquisition, dropping deal to three sides

Enrollment and financial projections for part of the deal came in lower than expected, university's president said.


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