New York's tuition-free plan sparks debate

New York's governor wants to make public higher education free for most students, setting off new debate on the concept.

State audit criticizes University of Louisville's relationship to foundation

State audit finds fault with management structure and decisions under former president, who responds that auditors failed to consider Louisville's "amazing academic trajectory."

University think tanks face tough road but continued interest

University-affiliated research centers face a fight for funding and an assault on experts, but few think institutions will be able to resist future ventures.

Middlebury meets aggressive carbon neutrality goal

Middlebury meets a tight deadline for going carbon neutral in part by using credits from forest preservation.

While some universities hit pause, many move ahead with implementation of overtime rule

After last-minute injunction halted a federal overtime rule, many colleges and universities will go ahead with planned changes.

Trinity College in Connecticut sells building and changes enrollment strategy


Trinity of Connecticut moves away from year-after-year freshmen enrollment gains and a controversial real estate purchase, aiming to be better and more diverse at a smaller size.

University of Illinois wants deal to free state funding

U of Illinois System and some legislators back plan to end budget impasse by putting limits on tuition increases and out-of-state enrollments.

Leaders consider future of tiny liberal arts colleges

Presidents of tiny liberal arts colleges work to make themselves heard above talk of mergers and large institutions.

2016 election uncertainty did not prompt endowments to change strategy


Managers chose not to hedge against candidates even as markets fluctuated during the campaign.

College price increases moderate as borrowing dips, College Board report shows

Student borrowing drops for the fifth straight year as the rate of tuition increases slows.


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