What the case of Sweet Briar means for other colleges

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What will trustees and administrators at other small colleges learn from a reversal and four months of controversy?

What People Are Saying About Debt-Free

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Who is pushing which ideas -- and why.

Enrollment declines drove closure of Marian Court College

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Marian Court College's president says after years of declining enrollment and tuition revenue, the institution ran out of options -- sooner than professors expected.

Are lazy rivers and climbing walls driving up the cost of college?

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Elizabeth Warren and Chris Christie both made statements last week that luxury college amenities like lazy rivers and climbing walls are driving up the cost of college. Are the claims true?

Chris Christie opposes free higher education, but supports increases for some student aid programs

On the Stump
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Governor, in education speech at Iowa State U, says some colleges are "drunk" on spending. But he also endorses more support for federal aid programs.

$400 million gift to Harvard sets off debate about philanthropy to wealthy institutions

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$400 million gift to the world's wealthiest university sets off a public backlash about the priorities of billionaire donors and their alma maters.

Colleges of arts and sciences struggle with deficits as enrollment declines

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At large universities, the colleges that provide general education and key majors are facing enrollment declines and budget cuts. Are the trends due to shifting interests of students or shifting priorities of administrators?

Report calls for extending K-12 funding model to high-need community colleges

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Community colleges with many low-income students should receive additional funding, as high-poverty schools in the K-12 sector do, new report urges.

Louisiana and Illinois may escape massive cuts to higher education, but Wisconsin could see $300 million cut

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Public universities in Illinois and Louisiana, two of the three states facing massive higher education cuts, may get reprieve. But public universities in Wisconsin remain threatened with $300 million in reductions.

As rich universities get richer, are poor students being left behind?

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The gap between wealthy universities and the rest of the pack is widening at an ever faster pace, leaving low-income students in the lurch.


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