Tuition Hikes Prompt Sit-Ins at Berkeley, Santa Cruz

Students started sit-ins last week at the University of California's campuses at Berkeley and Santa Cruz to protest the Board of Regents' vote to approve tuition increases for the system. The Berkeley sit-in started Wednesday, The Los Angeles Times reported. The protesting students there are issuing updates and demands through this website. Cornel West, a professor of philosophy at Union Theological Seminary, stopped by the Santa Cruz sit-in to endorse the effort. He said occupying buildings "puts the spotlight on an issue."




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Shift for national free-college group, which wants to bolster local programs

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National "free tuition" group changes its name and pitch with plan to support state and city tuition scholarships while continuing to push on the federal level.

Performance-based funding provokes concern among college administrators

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Public colleges may be using grade inflation or tightening admissions standards to comply with performance-based funding, survey finds.

$100 Million Gift for Faculty at U of Wisconsin Madison

The University of Wisconsin at Madison on Saturday announced a $100 million gift from John and Tashia Morgridge -- an alumni couple -- to support faculty enhancement. The gift is the university's largest from individual donors. The money will be used to match donations for new and enhanced professorships, chairs and distinguished chairs.


Ex-Head of Foundation Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement

The former executive director of the foundation that raises money for the Los Angeles Trade Technical College pleaded guilty Friday to felony embezzlement, The Los Angeles Times reported. Jiah "Rhea" Chung, 44, admitted that she took $50,500. She was sentenced to three years of formal probation and 60 days of work for CalTrans. But her lawyer questioned the fairness of the judicial findings. He questioned why some foundation officials denied that they authorized the payments. "The political climate is such that it’s so hard for anybody accused of any public integrity crime to get a fair hearing," the lawyer said. "You’re looking at a woman who really physically can’t fathom being able to withstand even a single day in prison."

College endowments see double-digit returns for the second year in a row

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College endowment gains, which only two years ago were negative on average, are in the double digits for the second year in a row.

U. of Iowa faculty worry their president has not done enough to fight budget cuts

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U. of Iowa faculty are bothered that their president co-signed a letter endorsing a plan to cut the university's budget by $50 million.

For-profit chain leaves the stock market to save money on public disclosures

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Education Management Corp. goes private as its enrollment and revenue slump, raising questions about the end of an era for publicly traded chains with disparate holdings.

Investment Guru Gives UC-Santa Barbara $65M for Theoretical Physics

The University of California at Santa Barbara is expected today to announce a $65 million gift to its Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, The New York Times reported. The gift, from Charles T. Munger, an investor best known as Warren Buffett's business partner, will support a residence for the institute, which brings groups of physicists together for long periods of times to brainstorm.

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Australia's leader blasts a university for divesting from energy companies

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An Australian university's decision to dump $16 million in investments in fossil fuel companies has drawn the wrath of the country's prime minister.


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