U. of Iowa faculty worry their president has not done enough to fight budget cuts

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U. of Iowa faculty are bothered that their president co-signed a letter endorsing a plan to cut the university's budget by $50 million.

For-profit chain leaves the stock market to save money on public disclosures

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Education Management Corp. goes private as its enrollment and revenue slump, raising questions about the end of an era for publicly traded chains with disparate holdings.

Investment Guru Gives UC-Santa Barbara $65M for Theoretical Physics

The University of California at Santa Barbara is expected today to announce a $65 million gift to its Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, The New York Times reported. The gift, from Charles T. Munger, an investor best known as Warren Buffett's business partner, will support a residence for the institute, which brings groups of physicists together for long periods of times to brainstorm.

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Australia's leader blasts a university for divesting from energy companies

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An Australian university's decision to dump $16 million in investments in fossil fuel companies has drawn the wrath of the country's prime minister.

Arizona State U. Accepts 1,800 Starbucks Employees

Both Arizona State University and Starbucks are reporting a rush of new applicants after the coffee giant announced it would reimburse employees who took their junior and senior years through the institution's online arm. The university has already accepted 1,800 Starbucks employees (whom it referred to as "partners" in a press release), among whom about 1,000 have enrolled in the second fall session.

The university noted the applicants, who represent every state and every retail role at Starbucks, are scattered across its 40 degree programs, although psychology, lifestyle coaching, mass communication and media studies and English ranked as the most popular. About 70 percent of the students will enroll as juniors or seniors, meaning they will be covered by Starbucks' tuition reimbursement plan.

The university previously reported 4,000 Starbucks employees applied to the university. A spokeswoman for ASU also said Starbucks "received a significant increase in job applications" after the program was unveiled this summer.

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U. of Nebraska to Offer Early Retirement to 30% of Tenured Faculty

The University of Nebraska at Lincoln is offering early retirement incentives to faculty members aged 62 and up to try to encourage more of them to move on and make way for a new generation of instructors. The offer, of a one-time lump-sum payment of 90 percent of a professor's annual salary, will go to about 250 professors with at least 10 years' experience at Nebraska, or about 30 percent of the university's tenured faculty members. Inside Higher Ed's recent survey of chief human resources officers found that HR directors – especially those at public colleges and universities -- are growing increasingly concerned about faculty members working well past traditional retirement age, leaving little flexibility for their institutions to hire a new generation of professors.

College endowment funds likely had another year of double-digit returns

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Many wealthier institutions are reporting double-digit endowment growth.

Oregon and Professor Spar Over Ownership of Literacy Test

The University of Oregon is locked in a legal battle with one of its professors and a former employee over who owns the rights to a basic skills test used to gauge the literacy of students in thousands of schools, The Register-Guard of Eugene reported. The Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills exam was developed by researchers at Oregon, and one of its professors and a former graduate student trademarked and copyrighted the test. But in the last year, the university has sought to cancel the scholars' trademark, and they have sued Oregon for alleged trademark and copyright infringement, the newspaper reported.

15.4% Return on Harvard's Endowment

Harvard University's endowment -- the nation's largest -- was up 15.4 percent in fiscal 2014. Those gains raised the value of the endowment to $36.4 billion. The endowment has distributed $11.6 billion to the university in the last five years.


Berkeley journalism school considering $10,000 tuition increase

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A proposal to add $10,250 to the annual price tag for Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism worries many students, faculty members and alumni.


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