Discount rates rise yet again at private colleges and universities

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Private colleges and universities are trying new strategies after discount rates rose to unseen levels yet again.

Congressman discusses plan to force colleges to spend large endowments

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U.S. Representative Tom Reed discusses his legislation requiring colleges with wealthiest endowments to spend more on student aid -- or face penalties.

University of Maine draws more out-of-state students to Orono with tuition matching

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U of Maine used tuition-matching campaign to force its way into conversation with other Northeastern flagships. Move boosted freshman commitments, but none of the targeted campuses are admitting to losing applicants.

What a new tax bill means for Yale

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What does a 182-year-old law mean for Connecticut’s colleges and universities in 2016?

Why colleges’ brands look so similar

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To sell themselves, colleges try to stand out. But often, their marketing efforts look practically identical.

Why UC Davis's campaign to manipulate search results backfired

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There’s a fine line between a marketing campaign and a cover-up. The attempt by UC Davis to get its pepper spray incident off the top of Google searches is a case in point.

Lincoln Project report offers suggestions for public research universities' financial future

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A report offers suggestions for how public research universities can thrive at a time of declining state support and increasing accountability.

Public colleges may be responding to state performance funding by enrolling fewer low-income students

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State performance funding formulas lead to small decline in Pell revenue per student, new study finds, suggesting public colleges may be gaming formulas by enrolling fewer low-income students.

In proposed partnership, two colleges negotiate balance of power

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Soon, the University of Maryland's College Park and Baltimore campuses could be combined. Will College Park's growing influence help the university system's other campuses -- or marginalize them?

Politics trumps good policy in proposed governance change in Tennessee

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New piece of governor's ambitious higher ed agenda would break up statewide governing board to focus on two-year colleges and give six universities more independence. Critics predict backsliding on the state's goals and skewed institutional priorities.


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