Endowment returns at 2.4 percent in fiscal year 2015

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After two years of sizable gains, college investment returns grow by just 2.4 percent in the 2015 fiscal year.

Giving to colleges hits another record high; wealthy institutions get the most

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As charitable donations to higher education soar to a new record high, the richest institutions continue to distance themselves from the rest.

State support for higher education rises 4.1 percent in 2016

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A new report shows a slow but steady increase in higher education funding as states recover from the recession.

Delta Cost Project report outlines trends in college spending

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A new report from the Delta Cost Project reveals how much more heavily institutions rely on tuition dollars since the recession.

Universities left footing the bill as budget crisis looms in Illinois

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Universities in Illinois are covering millions in state costs as politicians continue to debate a 2015-16 budget halfway into the fiscal year.

University of Wisconsin ups its merit aid in an effort to better compete with peers

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Historically, U of Wisconsin at Madison has minimized the use of non-need-based aid, but it is ending that restraint. The catch? Its top official doesn't really agree with the practice.

Decline in postsecondary enrollments continues, and speeds up

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Drops at for-profit and community colleges and among adult students drive the declines.

Colleges keep lines of communication open with alumni as they respond to diversity concerns

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As colleges grapple with issues of race and diversity, they face questions from alumni and donors -- not all of whom are pleased with new campus efforts.

Disputes over a textbook's characterization of Japan's wartime actions continue

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Japanese and American professors clash over a textbook's depiction of the Japanese government's involvement in a system of sexual slavery during World War II.

What it might mean when a college's discount rate tops 60 percent

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How high is too high a discount to offer students? Nearly 10 percent of colleges have rates of 60 percent or more. For some it appears to be a sign of distress, yet others see a strategy.


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