Campus protests in China fray relations with U.S.

Demonstrations against Xi Jinping’s “Zero COVID” policy erupted on Chinese campuses over the weekend, threatening the country’s fraught partnerships with U.S. colleges.

A crowd of protesters stands in front of a columned building, holding signs with Chinese text.

International students are coming back to U.S. campuses


International enrollment has largely recovered from a steep drop during the pandemic, according to a new report. But some numbers are still short of pre-pandemic levels.

A large crowd of students in graduation gowns and caps raise a variety of national flags in an arena.

Professors and academics will stay on Twitter—for now

Academics who tweet are weighing the opportunity costs of leaving Twitter while looking into other social media platforms. But few are fleeing the digital gathering space in which they have invested so much—at least not yet.


Scholars targeted by China Initiative seek accountability

Their lives upended, two scholars targeted by the DOJ’s controversial anti-espionage program fight back in their own ways.

Xiaoxing Xi and Anming Hu, both Asian men with dark hair wearing glasses. Xi has slightly protruding ears and is wearing a burgundy shirt; Hu has a rounder face and is wearing a white shirt.

Ransomware attacks against higher ed increase

Colleges and universities experienced a surge in ransomware attacks in 2021, and those attacks had significant operational and financial costs, according to a new report.

A graphic of one person handing money to another person, who is giving the first person a key, symbolizing paying ransom after a cyberattack.

QS ranks Russian universities despite vow not to

After Russia invaded Ukraine, QS pledged not to rank the country’s universities. But it just did so.

Proposed law sparks debate over reporting foreign gifts

A new bill could strengthen the rules requiring institutions to report foreign gifts. Some say the measure is necessary; others argue it will create undue stress for colleges and the government alike.

Dark clouds over the U.S. Capitol.

Three Russian academics describe their decision to leave


Three Russian academics describe their decision to leave the country.


Faith-based institutions rally behind Ukraine

Faith-based colleges and universities are stepping up their efforts to support the citizens of Ukraine as Russia’s assault on the country continues.


Russian academics oppose invasion of Ukraine

But others seek to oppose the war in ways that will not endanger them.



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