Arrests in China for Scheme to Get In to Korean Universities

Authorities in China have arrested two education brokers and 18 students for trying to fraudulently win admission to Korean universities, The Korea Herald reported. The scheme is alleged to involve creating fake high school diplomas and other school records for the students, who do not meet standards for admission to Korean universities. Chinese authorities are expanding their investigation, expecting to find more such cases.

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Brazil's Top Court Upholds Racial Quotas at Universities

Brazil's Supreme Court has upheld the use of racial quotas by universities, AFP reported. The case before the Supreme Court concerned the University of Brasilia, which set quotas in 2004 that 20 percent of admissions slots would go to black, mixed-race or indigenous students. More than 70 percent of Brazil's 98 public universities have such quotas, so the case was considered likely to influence admissions practices nationally. The quotas were challenged by a right-wing party that argued that they were counter to principles of equity. But the Supreme Court ruled that the quotas were justified as a means to redress the impact of centuries of slavery in the nation.


Report Predicts Russian Universities Will Use Debt

Top Russian universities may be poised to use debt to finance major improvements in their facilities, according to a new report by Standard & Poor's. The Moscow Times reported that the S&P report follows a new Russian law giving about 30 universities new financial authority, opening up the possibility for them to use debt. The report found that Russian universities -- which have depended on government grants for facilities -- lag their international peers in investments in their physical plants.

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Australian Universities Attract More Low-Income Students

The number of low-income students offered admission to Australian universities has increased by 18.9 percent since 2009, according to government records obtained by The Canberra Times. With the gains, the share of low-income students enrolled in Australian universities is approaching a government goal of 20 percent.

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International university group seeks focus on values in global higher ed projects

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International Association of Universities issues call to make ethical considerations central as institutions cross borders.

Finland moves to merge smaller universities

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Finland moves to merge its smaller universities, saying that combined institutions can better compete internationally. Some faculty who will have to commute in the Arctic question the move.

Italian University Switches to English Instruction

Politecnico, a leading Italian university, is switching the language of instruction to English, The Independent reported. The rector, Giovanni Azzone, said that the shift would "contribute to the growth of the country" and "respond to the needs of businesses." While some academics are supporting the move, others are angry. Luca Serianni, a linguist at La Sapienza University, said the move was "excessive and not only in the ideological sense."

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Saudi Arabia Will Allow Women to Study Political Science

The Saudi Ministry of Higher Education has told universities in the country to start to let women into political science departments, Al Arabiya reported. King Saud University plans to be the first institution to comply, and will allow women to enroll in political science next year.


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Controversy Over Bra Photo at Canadian University

Officials at Thompson Rivers University, in Canada, are apologizing for the actions of a staff member who tore down a student's photograph (part of a student exhibition) showing a woman in Islamic dress and holding a bra, CBC News reported. The woman in the photograph has her face and body covered, and is holding and looking at a bra. Saudi officials have criticized the photograph. A statement from Thompson Rivers said that "the university is committed to honoring artistic expression and on a campus with many international stakeholders it is important that we balance cultural sensitivity with freedom of speech, and we value the conversations that this piece of art and all our others inspire."


Israel Considers How Much Universities Should Use Hebrew

Advocates for Hebrew are pushing Israeli universities, where many courses are taught and much research is published in English, to increase use of Hebrew, The Forward reported. The Academy of the Hebrew Language is lobbying the Education Ministry to require more use of Hebrew, and that effort has many academics worried. "Hebrew is the language of the Jewish people, but if you write your thesis in Hebrew, it is buried,” said Yehuda Band, head of the chemistry department at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. "A student who can’t write in English is severely limited — it’s the language of science."

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