International educators discuss challenges facing Saudi students and strategies for success

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International educators discuss specific challenges facing the growing numbers of Saudi students in the U.S.

Methodology of QS rankings comes under scrutiny

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QS runs one of three major global university rankings systems, but some question whether methodology is sound.

In wake of controversy over Harvard dissertation on race and IQ, scrutiny for Michigan State researcher

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Jason Richwine quit Heritage Foundation amid controversy over his Harvard dissertation on race and IQ. Critics are now raising questions about work by a Michigan State physicist and vice president.

Penn pushes international internships and career opportunities

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With participation rates in traditional overseas study flat or declining, the University of Pennsylvania seeks to expand interest in international internships and careers.

A shake-up in the teaching staff at NYU in Florence raises concerns

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Laid-off faculty at NYU's study abroad campus in Italy are raising concerns about a shake-up in the university's adjunct teaching staff and the governance of the site.

Wake Forest to deliver preparatory curriculum at Chinese high schools

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Wake Forest will be working with Chinese high schools to prepare students for U.S.-style curriculum and will send their video portfolios directly to the colleges they apply to. Is this a money-maker or a much-needed service (or both)?

MOOCs may eye the world market, but does the world want them?

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Does the utopian vision of democratizing education have a cultural ceiling? 

In study abroad, a call for greater intentionality, and ambition

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At annual gathering of study abroad administrators, speakers describe a need for programs guided by more clearly defined learning outcomes.

U.S. accreditors expand their activities overseas

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U.S. accrediting agencies believe they have a role to play in facilitating mobility and improving the quality of overseas institutions, but will they find it difficult to uphold the integrity of their standards abroad?

Faculty study abroad leader comes under fire for decisions about student health

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A University of New Hampshire lecturer is dismissed after administrators question medical decisions she made leading a trip to Nicaragua. She says she could have used more support from the institution -- not condemnation.


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