British higher education faces tension over foreign student immigration

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In stripping London Metropolitan of the right to sponsor international students, regulators cite "systemic failures." But the debate over the university's fate is entangled with larger debates about international students and immigration.


American professor suddenly fired from Zayed University

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An American journalism professor receives glowing evaluations at Zayed University, in the United Arab Emirates, and then is suddenly asked to leave his position -- and the country.

Political activism looks different at U.S. branch campuses than at main campuses

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At U.S. branch campuses, protests often aren’t possible. What opportunities are there for political or social action?

International students recruited by agents less prepared for college

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New research suggests that students recruited through agents are likely to be less well-prepared for college.

Evaluation of foreign students' credentials may be getting short shrift

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In international education, has emphasis on recruiting overshadowed old-fashioned credential evaluation?

China and India producing larger share of global college graduates

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A new report predicts that China and India will produce a larger share of worldwide college graduates than the U.S. and some EU countries combined by 2020.

Program administrators don't expect complications with new Islamist president in Egypt

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American program administrators in Egypt foresee greater stability, not complications, with election of first Islamist president.

New study finds many foreign students lack American friends

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Study finds that nearly 40% of foreign students report having no close American friends. Those who study in the South have more American friends.

U.S. officials try to assuage international educators' concerns on English programs

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Federal officials address concerns over approval for English language institutes, but key questions remain unresolved.

New survey of Chinese students on motivations for picking colleges

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Experts offer insight into why Chinese students choose the universities that they do, what they can pay, and what their English levels are really like.


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