In study abroad, a call for greater intentionality, and ambition

At annual gathering of study abroad administrators, speakers describe a need for programs guided by more clearly defined learning outcomes.

U.S. accreditors expand their activities overseas

U.S. accrediting agencies believe they have a role to play in facilitating mobility and improving the quality of overseas institutions, but will they find it difficult to uphold the integrity of their standards abroad?

Faculty study abroad leader comes under fire for decisions about student health

A University of New Hampshire lecturer is dismissed after administrators question medical decisions she made leading a trip to Nicaragua. She says she could have used more support from the institution -- not condemnation.

Academics born in India see growth in presidential ranks


Indian-born academics are seeing their numbers grow in top campus jobs, reflecting internationalization trends over the past 40 years.

NYU establishes campuses and sites around the globe

NYU reinvents itself as a "global network university," but critics at home question the creation of campuses in nondemocratic countries and the effect of rapid international expansion on programs in Greenwich Village.

Student organizers of a Wharton conference cancel controversial keynote speech


Student organizers of a forum at Wharton School revoke invitation to controversial keynote speaker from India after professors oppose his appearance.

Scholars discuss how to define and evaluate 'education hubs'

As countries vow to become international centers for higher education, can educators distinguish between hype and reality? How do hubs differ?

International educators consider the challenges in integrating students from abroad

U.S. universities are recruiting increasing numbers of students from abroad, but many worry about the students' disconnection from campus life.

Florida International University attempts to infuse global learning across the curriculum

Florida International University has embarked on an ambitious effort to internationalize the curriculum and assess students' global learning.

In the Netherlands, the growth of liberal arts colleges has influenced the higher ed sector as a whole


The growth of liberal arts colleges in the Netherlands has helped pave the way for broader changes in the country’s higher education sector.


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