Research questions whether having women on search committees increases odds of hiring women

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Having more women on committees that select academics for jobs does not increase the chances for female candidates and may actually do the opposite, according to a study of Italian and Spanish universities.

Debate Over Western Sydney's New Name and Logo

The University of Western Sydney has announced plans to change its name to Western Sydney University, setting off considerable debate at the Australian university, The Sydney Morning Herald reported. The university announcement about the change says that it is about "putting Western Sydney first." Officials told the Morning Herald that the new name and logo (at left) would help the university with its branding internationally. But many students are rallying around the old name and logo (at right), saying that they were not consulted on the name change and that they like the logo and its bird. So they are campaigning on social media and elsewhere to "save the bird."

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After Year on Job, U of British Columbia Leader Quits

After only a year in office, Arvind Gupta is stepping down as president of the University of British Columbia, one of Canada's leading universities and a player globally among research universities. The Globe and Mail reported that the move has left many stunned and asking questions. But the university and Gupta say only that he decided he believes he can best serve the university as a professor of political science.

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Compilation of Articles on Recruiting International Students

Inside Higher Ed is pleased to release today "Recruiting International Students," our latest print-on-demand compilation of articles. The booklet features articles about trends, debates and strategies of a range of institutions. This compilation is free and you may download a copy here. And you may sign up here for a free webinar on Thursday, August 27, at 2 p.m. Eastern about the themes of the booklet.

Student droput rates soar as Australian universities open admissions access

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Since Australian universities won the right to enroll any students they deemed qualified, the proportion of students failing out has spiked, especially from online programs.

Authors discuss reasoning behind high levels of Asian American achievement

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Authors discuss new book on high levels of Asian-American achievement in education in which they argue that it's not about culture.

Japan Pushes Universities Away From Liberal Arts

Japan's government is pushing universities to shift away from the liberal arts and toward business or vocational programs, The Wall Street Journal reported. All 86 of the country's national universities were required to submit restructuring plans, and were told that their government funding would depend, in part, on how they follow through on this government goal. Government  officials say that the changes will help the country's economy and Japan's efforts to have its top universities rise in global rankings.


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Israeli University Leaders Urge Different Focus on Iran

The leaders of Israel's universities are responding to new proposed cuts in government spending on higher education by invoking Iran, at a time that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Iran poses a grave threat to the country, Ynet News reported. A letter sent by the university leaders says that Iran is investing more in higher education than is Israel. "This is an arms race for all intents and purposes, except the weapons here are not missiles, but the human brain," the Israeli academic leaders say. "Iran must not have the strategic advantage over Israel in research. There are quite a few measures that show that the qualitative gap is getting smaller every year. After all, Iran’s bomb is not built by the farmers working in the field. This is a red line, and it must not be allowed to happen. That is why we joined forces, all the heads of academia, because otherwise the damage to the State of Israel will be unavoidable."

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Draft law to regulate foreign NGOs in China could have serious effects for educational exchanges

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A draft law to regulate foreign nongovernmental organizations in China could have serious implications for university exchanges.

Dutch University Fires Russian Scientist for Spying

The Eindhoven University of Technology, in the Netherlands, has fired a Russian postdoc in computer science, Ivan Agafonov, after Dutch officials warned the university that he was spying for Russia, Science Insider reported. He has since left the Netherlands.


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