Biennial Scholars at Risk gathering focuses on threats to scholars and academic values globally


The biennial Scholars at Risk gathering focuses on threats to scholars and academic values globally.

Anthropology group rejects resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions

Members of the American Anthropological Association narrowly vote down a resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions.

Survey results show growth in controversial practice of working with international recruiting agents

Surveys show an increasing number of U.S. institutions are working with commissioned agents to recruit international students.

Lawsuit targets American Studies Association's stance on Israel academic boycott

A lawsuit against the American Studies Association argues its support for the academic boycott of Israel falls outside the scope of its mission.

Scholars who study Hinduism and India face hostile climate

Highly respected professors face intimidation, threats and smear campaigns for deviating from the views of the Hindu right.

U.S. Extends Work Program for Some International Students

After a legal challenge -- still on appeal -- U.S. issues new rule extending the time some international students can work after graduation.

More than 1,000 Turkish scholars are under criminal investigation for signing a petition


Turkish scholars describe a growing intolerance for dissent.

Oxford activists issue new demands after university announces it won't remove statue of Rhodes

After U of Oxford rejects student demands to remove a statue of Cecil John Rhodes, protesters issue a new set of demands related to racial issues on campus.

A community college grapples with the implications of international student growth

Community college in Washington State increasingly relies on international student revenue, but some faculty worry it is moving away from its mission of serving local residents.

Anthropologists prepare to vote on a resolution to boycott Israeli universities

At American Anthropological Association meeting, scholars prepare to vote on a resolution calling for the group to boycott Israeli universities.


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