British academics are moving from books to journals to share their scholarship


British academics shift the way they share scholarship, and some see trend as consequence of the way the government judges research.

'Unprecedented' purge of deans in Turkey


Turkey's Higher Education Council demands the resignation of more than 1,500 deans following Friday's failed coup attempt.

Student at Canadian University Feared Killed in Nice

Ukrainian authorities have confirmed that one of their citizens, who matches the description of a student at MacEwan University, in Canada, is among those killed in the terrorist attack in Nice, CBC News reported. The authorities declined, however, to confirm that the victim is Mykhaylo Bazelevskyy, who has been studying at MacEwan and has been missing since the attack. Bazelevskyy was in France, with four other students and a faculty member at the university, for a program at the European Innovation Academy. On Sunday, the University of California, Berkeley, confirmed that one of its students was killed in the attack in Nice.

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Berkeley Student Killed in Terror Attack in Nice

The University of California, Berkeley, on Sunday reported that one of its students, Nicolas Leslie (at right), 20, has been identified among the 84 people killed in the terrorist attack in Nice on Thursday.

Berkeley earlier reported that three of its students were injured during Thursday's terrorist attack in Nice, and that Leslie was missing. He was a junior in the College of Natural Resources. Leslie was one of 85 students attending a Berkeley study abroad program on entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe connected with the European Innovation Academy.

The three injured students are also participants in the program. The university said Friday that two of the students have broken legs. The third student has a broken foot.

Eighty-four people were killed, and 202 wounded, in Nice after a terrorist drove a truck through a crowd during a Bastille Day fireworks display.

Berkeley's study abroad program has been temporarily suspended for a three-day national mourning period in France, but will continue through its scheduled end date of July 24. Seven students have accepted the university's offer to return to the U.S. early.

Earlier this month another UC Berkeley student, Tarishi Jain, was killed in a terrorist attack at a café in Bangladesh. Jain was doing an internship with Berkeley’s Subir and Malini Chowdhury Center for Bangladesh Studies.

In a statement Sunday, Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks said, “This is tragic, devastating news. All of us in the UC Berkeley family -- both here on campus, and around the world -- are heartbroken to learn that another promising young student has been lost to senseless violence. I join Nick’s parents, friends and the entire campus community in condemning this horrific attack, and in mourning the loss of one of our own.”

Other Students Missing or Injured

MacEwan University, in Alberta, Canada, also announced that one of its students is missing in Nice.

The missing student, Mykhaylo (Misha) Bazelevskyy, is a supply chain management major with Ukrainian citizenship and Canadian permanent residency. He is part of a group of five MacEwan students and a faculty member participating in a three-week program in entrepreneurship, also at the European Innovation Academy.

The Singapore University of Technology and Design also announced that one of its students was injured in the Nice attack.

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Homeland Security Publishes Final Guidance on Conditional Admission

New final guidance issued Wednesday prohibits universities from issuing I-20 forms -- the legal document that international students need in order to apply for visas -- based on conditional admission.

The guidance from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Student and Exchange Visitor Program states that universities can only issue I-20 forms when students have met all admission requirements for the program of study listed, including English language proficiency requirements. This would mean, for example, that a university couldn't issue an I-20 for a degree program for a student whose admission into that program is conditional upon completing an English language program first. Instead the university would have to list the English language program on the student’s initial I-20 and issue an updated form after the student progresses into the degree program.

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U of Edinburgh professors object to putting glass panels in their office doors


Professors at U of Edinburgh object to plan to put glass panels in their office doors.

First Steps for British University in California

A British university plans to open two graduate programs in a temporary location in the Sacramento suburb of Roseville in 2018 prior to the development of a previously announced California campus, The Sacramento Bee reported. The University of Warwick plans to begin building a permanent, 6,000-student campus on farmland outside Sacramento as early as 2019.

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After Brexit Vote, Some British Researchers Shunned

A survey by The Guardian found cases in which British academics are being asked to withdraw from international research teams or to step down from leadership roles due to doubts about their future eligibility for European Union funding. Securing continued access to E.U. research funding in the event of a British exit from the union is a key priority for U.K. higher education following the June 23 referendum in favor of a Brexit.

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Canadian Professor Held in Iran Reportedly Indicted

Iranian news outlets have reported that a Canadian professor detained in Tehran’s Evin Prison has been indicted on unknown charges, according to the CBC. The Canadian minister of foreign affairs, Stéphane Dion, said in a statement to the CBC that consular officers are seeking to confirm reports that charges have been filed against Homa Hoodfar, an anthropologist at Montreal’s Concordia University.

Hoodfar, who holds Canadian, Iranian and Irish citizenship, has been detained since early June. Her academic research focuses on gender issues in Middle Eastern societies.

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New York U at Shanghai experiments with educational videos to study how it can reach Chinese students online

New York University at Shanghai experiments with educational videos to study how it can reach Chinese students online.


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