President of Nanyang Technological University discusses academic freedom in Singapore

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President of Nanyang Technological University urges Western academics not to take a "normative approach" on universities in Singapore.

Fierce Job Market for Chinese Students Returning from Overseas

A recent report from China’s Ministry of Education describes the increasingly fierce job market faced by students returning from overseas, Shanghai Daily reported. The newspaper quoted the deputy director of the Chinese service center for scholarly exchange, Che Weimin, as saying that the income gap between students who earned their bachelor’s degrees abroad and their peers who stayed in China is narrowing: “Those studying abroad have certain advantages in terms of international horizons and foreign language proficiency. But those advantages are declining compared with those studying at home."

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ISIS Imposes Its Views on Universities

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is starting to impose its views on universities in the regions it controls, Al-Fanar reported. Women and men may no longer be educated together, and instruction may only be provided by professors of the same gender as students. Courses involving study of democracy, non-Islamic societies and human rights have been canceled. Professors, speaking anonymously, expressed fear for the future. “The university is a real horror,” said a literature professor. “I do not think there will be learning."


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Imperial College London investigates role of pressure in death of academic

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Imperial College London will review policies after death of scholar who is believed to have felt his job was at risk due to failed grant applications.

Students of Jailed Professor on Trial in China

Seven students of an imprisoned Uighur professor are being tried in a Chinese court on charges of belonging to a separatist group, The New York Times reported. The students’ professor, Ilham Tohti, was convicted of separatism and sentenced to life in prison in September in a case that has attracted widespread outrage from human rights groups and foreign governments. Tohti formerly taught economics at Minzu University of China.

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Australian government orders inquiry into foreign student plagiarizing

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Education minister, concerned by reports of rampant cheating by international students, directs quality assurance agency to examine institutions' policies.

Controversial dean at university in Wales stands by the tone of his remarks

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The leader of a business school at a university in Wales is rebuked for his tone, but makes no apologies.

Challenge to Legality of Women's Colleges in Japan

A man who was rejected from Fukuoka Women’s University, in Japan, has announced plans to sue for damages, The Asahi Shimbun reported. The man contends that Japan's equity laws do not permit colleges to reject students on the basis of gender. The university declined to comment. (Private, single-sex undergraduate colleges in the United States are specifically permitted to maintain their admissions policies under federal law.)


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32 Americans Win Rhodes Scholarships

Thirty-two Americans were named Saturday nights as winners of Rhodes Scholarships, which cover two or three years of study at the University of Oxford (at right). Students at Yale University won four of the scholarships, more than students of any other institution this year. A list of the winners may be found here.


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UCLA Approves Diversity Course Requirement

The University of California at Los Angeles Academic Senate has voted, 85-to-18, to approve a plan to require all undergraduates in the primary undergraduate college at UCLA to complete at least one course in a diversity topic. The idea of a diversity requirement has been debated for years at UCLA, and has been previously voted down. UCLA Chancellor Gene Block has been a proponent of the requirement and issued a statement after the vote in which he said: “This has been one of my longstanding priorities and demonstrates our strong commitment to expose undergraduates to views and backgrounds other than their own."



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