New Report Forecasts Growth of International Students

A new report from the British Council forecasting the growth in international students finds that over the next decade growth in higher education enrollments will slow from about 5.0 to 1.4 percent per year. India, Indonesia, Brazil, Nigeria and China will dominate that growth. Students from China and India will continue to make up more than a third of all outwardly mobile students, while Germany, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Turkey will also send significant numbers of students overseas. The United States and the United Kingdom will retain their positions as leading destinations for international students through 2024.

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Survey finds lack of transparency in agent relationships

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Survey finds that just 13 percent of international applicants who used education agents knew whether they earned commissions from colleges.


Egypt Releases 2 Canadian Professors

Egyptian authorities have released two Canadian professors who have been held for seven weeks, reportedly in terrible conditions, The Globe and Mail reported. The professors were arrested (for reasons that have been unclear) during an anti-government protest. The professors are John Greyson, an associate professor of film at York University, and Tarek Loubani, an assistant professor of emergency medicine at the University of Western Ontario. They were planning to travel to Gaza, where Greyson was to explore the possibility of making a documentary and Loubani was involved in a program to train local doctors.


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Conference focuses on integrating global learning within the curriculum

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At gathering focused on global learning, faculty and others discuss diverse strategies for integrating it within the curriculum.

Underwear Protest at Hungarian University

Many students at Kaposvar University, in Hungary, wore only underwear to class Thursday to protest a new dress code at the institution, AFP reported. The rector recently announced that male students would be required to wear dark suits and shoes, while women would be required to wear a jacket, blouse and trousers or long skirts. Students are planning another protest at which they will wear only flip-flops and beach towels.


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Chinese Dissident Announces Next Steps

Chen Guangcheng, the Chinese dissident who claimed that he was forced from his fellowship at New York University because of pressure from Beijing (a claim the university has vigorously denied), has found a new academic home – well, three homes, actually. He will splitting his time between fellow and advisory positions at the Witherspoon Institute, a conservative think tank in New Jersey; the Catholic University of America's ​Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies; and the New Hampshire-based Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice (named after the late Democratic Congressman Tom Lantos). 

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Report links global cuts to higher education to corruption

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When money gets tight, people are tempted to do the wrong thing at just the time that oversight may be least effective, report says.

$130 Million Gift to Fund Israeli-Chinese University Collaboration

A Hong Kong businessman plans to donate $130 million to help the Technion, Israel's leading science university, establish a technology institute in China's Guangdong Province, The Wall Street Journal reported. Li Ka-Shing said he would provide the funds to a joint venture with China's Shantou University, to which he has contributed roughly $750 million over three decades. Local governments will provide a $147 million grant as well to create Technion Guandong Institute of Technology, the Journal reported.

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British University Opens Campus in New York City

Glasgow Caledonian University, founded in Scotland and with a campus in London as well, has opened a campus in New York City, becoming the first British university to do so, Times Higher Education reported. The university plans to offer graduate programs in fashion and the business of fashion.


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Islamic Group Kills Dozens at College in Nigeria

The Islamist group Boko Haram is being blamed for the shooting deaths of up to 50 students at an agricultural college in Nigeria, with many of the students shot as they slept, BBC reported. The group opposes any education that is not focused on Islamic teachings.


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