Debate Over Meme About Students at Tsinghua U.

Educators and others in China are debating a popular meme in which female students at a Tsinghua University, a leading Chinese institution, post photographs of themselves before and after they enrolled, The South China Morning Post reported. The "after" photographs generally show the women appearing more attractive and with lighter skin. And this has led to people saying that the theme of the meme is, “Off to Tsinghua to become white, rich and beautiful.” The meme has appeared on the university's admissions blog, prompting criticism that it is all a promotional campaign from the university. The university replied to the criticism on its blog, saying: “After an unforgettable experience at Tsinghua, changes in one’s appearance and attitude are not all that shocking. Character building is the most important.”

German Students Shun Vocational Training

German high school graduates are increasingly shunning vocational training in favor of attending universities, The Wall Street Journal reported. Government officials said on Friday that new data show that 2013 was the sixth consecutive year in which there was a decline in the number of high school students seeking vocational training. Germany's education system, long hailed as a key to the country's economic growth, has a strong divide between vocational training and universities for those finishing high school.


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New network seeks to promote liberal arts worldwide

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16 institutions from around the world form coalition to defend need for colleges that aren't focused strictly on job training.

‘Nietzsche Club’ Banned in at British University

The University College London’s student union barred a self-described “Nietzsche Club” from holding meetings on campus because of concerns that the group, which advertised discussions of the philosophers Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger and Julius Evola and which printed the phrase “Equality is a false God” on its posters, was formed to promote fascism or might have ties to fascist organizations, The Daily Beast reported.  

The motion to ban the group stipulates that the philosophers the Nietzsche Club proposed to study were “on the extreme-right, racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, homophobic, anti-Marxist, anti-worker and have had connections, direct or indirect, with Italian fascism and German Nazism." (The Daily Beast article noted that while Mussolini and Hitler were known to be admirers of Nietzsche, many political scientists argue that links between fascism and Nietzsche result from misreadings of his work. Heidegger was a member of the Nazi Party while Evola wrote the book, Fascism Viewed From the Right.)

A student union official told The Daily Beast that the ban, approved by the student union in March, has been temporarily suspended pending legal review. Members of the Nietzsche Club did not return the publication’s requests for comment.

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MLA members back resolution on Israel, but not by margin to make statement official policy

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While majority of members who voted backed measure, it didn't receive the required minimum to set official policy.

Study questions whether some countries see much payoff from research efforts

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When developing nations invest in R&D, they may see only minimal economic results, report finds.

New report on repression of academics in Iran

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New report from Amnesty International documents the increasing repression of Iranian scholars and students during the Ahmadinejad presidency.

International educators discuss ways to make the campus more international student-friendly

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At NAFSA conference, international education administrators and scholars discuss ways to help foreign students feel a greater sense of belonging.

Session at international education conference focuses on complexities of study abroad in Cuba

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Study abroad to Cuba is beginning to rebound. At meeting of international educators, some advice on things to consider in starting programs there.

Academics at British university object to giving student evaluations too much power

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Academics at British university object to idea that their careers could be advanced or held back by anonymous student evaluations.


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