Radical Islamists Threaten Yemeni University Over Gender Segregation

Radical Islamists have threatened to bomb a university in southern Yemen if it does not segregate the sexes on campus, Al Arabiya News reported. Students at the University of Aden said armed militants distributed leaflets signed by ISIS containing the threats. The authenticity of the leaflets signed by two Yemeni branches of the Islamic State has not been verified.  

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To Prevent Bias, British Applications to Be Name Blind

In an effort to prevent racial bias, university applications in the U.K. will be “name blind” starting in 2017, Prime Minister David Cameron wrote in an op-ed in The Guardian. In his op-ed, Cameron argued that anonymized applications prevent reviewers from being influenced by the ethnic or religious background an applicant’s name might imply.

"Some research has shown that top universities make offers to 55 percent of white applicants, but only to 23 percent of black ones," Cameron wrote. "The reasons are complex, but unconscious bias is clearly a risk. So we have agreed with UCAS [the centralized application processing service] that it will make its applications name blind, too, from 2017."

The challenges of advising foreign grad students about careers (essay)


Career counselors need active partners like enrollment management administrators, graduate deans and faculty members to manage international students’ expectations, says Alfreda James.

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After Protests in South Africa, Tuition Hikes Canceled

The South African government has canceled plans for tuition increases after widespread student protests. President Jacob Zuma announced on Friday that the government will not raise university tuition fees in 2016.

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Singapore opens door to liberal arts approach


In Singapore, students are attracted to an approach beyond professional training.

Police Fire Stun Grenades at South African Student Protesters

South African police fired stun grenades at students protesting university tuition increases as they attempted to storm the Parliament, BBC News reported. The student protests have forced closures at universities across the country, with protesters arguing that proposed fee hikes of 10-12 percent could cut off access for poorer black students. Students have rejected a compromise proposal limiting fee increases to 6 percent in 2016.

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Russian Scientists Told to Submit Papers to Security Service

A biology institute at one of Russia’s leading universities is requiring scientists to get their papers approved by the federal security service before submitting them to conferences or journals, Nature reported. Nature cites minutes from a meeting at the A. N. Belozersky Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology at Lomonosov Moscow State University instructing scientists on how to comply with a recently amended state secrets law. The Russian government says the law is not intended to interfere with the publication of basic, nonmilitary research, but scientists believe that the Moscow State rule requiring manuscript approval is not unique.

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Israeli Ministers Back Bill to Bar Boycott Proponents

Israel’s Ministerial Committee for Legislation is supporting a bill that would bar noncitizens or permanent residents who have advocated for boycotts of Israel from entering the country, various Israeli media sources, including Haaretz and The Jerusalem Post, reported Monday.

The text of the bill supported by the ministers states that it “is meant to prevent people or representatives of companies and organizations that call to boycott Israel to act within our territory to promote their ideas.” The international boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel has gained steam in recent years, including in American academe.

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Protests Over Fees Close South African Universities

Protests over fee increases have caused the suspension of classes at three South African universities, BBC News reported. Protests have caused closures at the University of the Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg; Rhodes University, in Grahamstown; and the University of Cape Town.

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Protests of Political Influence at Hong Kong Universities

Students at Hong Kong’s Lingnan University are protesting two appointments to the university's governing body and calling for the creation of a task force to discuss ending the practice in which Hong Kong’s chief executive serves as chancellor of the city’s universities, the South China Morning Post reported. The protests at Lingnan came amid increasing concerns about academic freedom and political interference at Hong Kong’s universities, and soon after Hong Kong University’s governing council rejected a pro vice chancellor candidate with pro-democracy ties.

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