Israeli University Leaders Urge Different Focus on Iran

The leaders of Israel's universities are responding to new proposed cuts in government spending on higher education by invoking Iran, at a time that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Iran poses a grave threat to the country, Ynet News reported. A letter sent by the university leaders says that Iran is investing more in higher education than is Israel. "This is an arms race for all intents and purposes, except the weapons here are not missiles, but the human brain," the Israeli academic leaders say. "Iran must not have the strategic advantage over Israel in research. There are quite a few measures that show that the qualitative gap is getting smaller every year. After all, Iran’s bomb is not built by the farmers working in the field. This is a red line, and it must not be allowed to happen. That is why we joined forces, all the heads of academia, because otherwise the damage to the State of Israel will be unavoidable."

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Draft law to regulate foreign NGOs in China could have serious effects for educational exchanges

A draft law to regulate foreign nongovernmental organizations in China could have serious implications for university exchanges.

Dutch University Fires Russian Scientist for Spying

The Eindhoven University of Technology, in the Netherlands, has fired a Russian postdoc in computer science, Ivan Agafonov, after Dutch officials warned the university that he was spying for Russia, Science Insider reported. He has since left the Netherlands.


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Analysis tracks mobility of academics worldwide


Analysis tracks which countries' academics are mobile internationally.

Furor Over Delayed Appointment at U of Hong Kong

Students stormed out of a meeting of the governing council of the University of Hong Kong Tuesday, with one person collapsing and needing to be hospitalized, The South China Morning Post reported. The students and many others are angry that the council is refusing to go ahead with filling a senior position with an academic who has wide campus support for the job but who has been criticized by pro-Beijing newspapers.

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British Universities Launch Campaign to Stay in E.U.

The British government is planning a referendum on whether to remain in the European Union, prompting leaders of British universities to start Universities for Europe to encourage British voters to keep the country in the E.U. British academic leaders fear a loss of E.U. funding for research, and also a lessening of the collaboration between academics in Britain and the rest of Europe. Julia Goodfellow, vice chancellor at the University of Kent and president elect of Universities UK, plans to give a speech today calling for universities to “stand up and be counted” in the referendum on the E.U., Times Higher Education reported.

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Scholar documents continuing inequalities in South African higher education


Study finds that class has joined race as a dividing line at universities.

Ireland Studies Gender Equity at Universities

The Higher Education Authority of Ireland has named a high-level commission to study the state of gender equity at Irish universities, The Irish Times reported. Data the authority released last year showed that only 19 percent of professors at universities in the country are women.

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New program at New Jersey's Kean U. will limit the number of state residents

A new program at a public university in New Jersey will have a cap on the number of state residents as institution looks overseas for students.

Elite Australian Universities Reject Report on Graduates' Salaries

The Group of Eight, which represents Australia's most prestigious research universities, is condemning a new government report that found that those who hold a master's or doctoral degree from one of its members earn on average 15 percent less than graduates of another group of smaller universities, Times Higher Education reported. While non-Group of Eight members are cheering the results, the Group of Eight issued this statement: “We absolutely question the veracity of the methodology adopted. When results are so very different from everything that has gone before, even when using the same survey data, surely some explanation is required, especially in a sector that lives and dies by the rigor of its research.”

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