New report on repression of academics in Iran

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New report from Amnesty International documents the increasing repression of Iranian scholars and students during the Ahmadinejad presidency.

International educators discuss ways to make the campus more international student-friendly

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At NAFSA conference, international education administrators and scholars discuss ways to help foreign students feel a greater sense of belonging.

Session at international education conference focuses on complexities of study abroad in Cuba

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Study abroad to Cuba is beginning to rebound. At meeting of international educators, some advice on things to consider in starting programs there.

Academics at British university object to giving student evaluations too much power

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Academics at British university object to idea that their careers could be advanced or held back by anonymous student evaluations.

Why Is Britain Trying to Kill a Mockingbird?

British authorities are removing American classics from the syllabus and test of literature that British students take to show their ability to study literature, The Independent reported. Among the works being removed are To Kill a Mockingbird and Of Mice and Men. Reportedly the education secretary personally pushed for the shift, and the syllabus and exam will increasingly focus on British literature (excluding modern British literature). Bethan Marshall, a senior lecturer in English at King's College London, told The Sunday Times: “It's a syllabus out of the 1940s.... This will just grind children down.”

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Thai Authorities, After Coup, Crack Down on Professors

The new Thai government, which took over in a military coup last week, on Saturday ordered about two dozen professors and writers to turn themselves in to military authorities, The New York Times reported. Those who were on the list were generally public supporters of holding new elections.

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Bible College President Accused of Forcing Foreign Students to Work

The president of Cathedral Bible College, in South Carolina, was arrested on forced labor charges after international students complained that Reginald Wayne Miller forced them to work for little to no wages under threat of having their visa status terminated, the Marion, S.C.-based Star & Enterprise reported.  Students interviewed by Department of Homeland Security investigators reported that the college’s classes “were not real and they are set around a work schedule, which is set by Miller,” and that living conditions were substandard.

The Myrtle Beach-based The Sun News reported that bond for Miller has been set at $250,000. 

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Opposition grows to Australian plan on university fees and loans

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Opposition grows from institutions and students to government's plan to uncap university tuitions and impose interest rates on student loans.

New book on STEM workforce needs and international competitiveness finds no evidence of crisis

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A new book challenges the conventional notion that the U.S. is producing too few science and engineering graduates to meet its workforce needs and remain globally competitive. 

Japan’s Kinki U. to Change Name, Because, Well...

Japan’s Kinki University is changing its name to Kindai University so as to stave off chuckles on the part of English-speakers, the Japan Times reported. “We aim to get more foreign students coming here, so we’ve decided to change our English name to ensure there is no misunderstanding,” a university spokesman said.

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