Australian state leader calls for merger of 3 universities

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Leader of an Australian state suggests combining its universities -- an idea rejected two years ago as unlikely to reap benefits.

New report on international admissions at U.S. graduate schools shows continued growth and shifting student mix

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New report on international admissions at U.S. graduate schools shows continued growth, driven by big increases in Indian students and despite modest drop in applications from China. 

Poland sends top academics to special courses in California

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New initiative sends top Polish academics to special 9-week courses at Stanford and Berkeley.

U. of Macau Professor Says Activism Cost Him His Job

A professor at the University of Macau said he believed his contract was not renewed due to his political activism, The New York Times reported. Bill Chou Kwok-ping, an associate professor of political science, was suspended for 24 days without pay in June based on complaints that he “attempted to impose his political beliefs on students, failed to provide different perspectives in class and discriminated against students.” Chou is an advocate for greater democratization in Macau, a former Portuguese colony that returned to Chinese sovereignty in 1999. A spokeswoman for the university did not immediately respond to the Times’s request for comment.  

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Anger Over Racist Leaflets at Canadian University

York University, in Canada, has been removing leaflets from campus that have angered many students, CBC News reported. The material appears to come from an anti-immigrant group and features photographs of York in the 1960s, claiming that the university was "100 percent white" in that decade and that it may soon be majority minority.

Security Fears Shut Tripoli U.

Security concerns are preventing the start of the academic year at Tripoli University, The Libya Herald reported. The campus is open only for students with specific administrative needs, such as obtaining permission to study abroad.


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Britain considers the situation of university graduates in jobs that don't require degrees

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Britain considers the fate of its "gringos," which is the country's new term for "graduates in non-graduate occupations."

USC Steps Up Effort to Protect International Students

Following the third killing of a Chinese graduate student in the last two years, the University of Southern California is stepping up security efforts, The Los Angeles Times reported. The university will require safety training for all international students, and will instruct campus police about international students and their cultures. Further, unarmed security "ambassadors" who patrol and help students will now be used in the summer months, not just during the academic year.

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UMass Suspends Study Abroad in Israel for Fall

The clashes between Israel and Hamas over the last month have left colleges and universities considering whether to bring students and faculty members there home. Institutions will face a new set of decisions with students about to depart for the region. The University of Massachusetts at Amherst has announced it will suspend study abroad to Israel in the fall, The Republican reported. Smith College has decided not to bar study abroad in Israel, but will require students and their families to sign an additional waiver.


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Calm and Precautions at American U. of Iraq at Sulaimani

The American University of Iraq at Sulaimani is located in the region of the country that is under the control of a Kurdish government, which has until recently been relatively free of the strife present in much of the rest of Iraq. In the last week, however, the forces of the ISIS group (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) have launched attacks in the Kurdish region, although not near the university. Dawn Dekle, president of the university, sent an email to the campus Saturday in which she noted that the campus has been safe, and that other Kurdish regions appear to be getting more stable in the wake of U.S. air attacks on ISIS forces. And she said that the university does not currently have plans to call off either summer or fall programs.

But she urged people to take extra precautions, and she noted that both the British and American governments have advised citizens against traveling to the area. "It is up to each individual employee to make a personal decision to continue teaching and working," she wrote. "Your safety is AUIS’s first priority." Dekle noted that more security steps will be announced shortly, and that the university does have an evacuation plan if it is needed in a "worst-case scenario."

A university spokeswoman said via email that no faculty members currently on campus have left and that only one who has been away has called off plans to return.


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