Program administrators don't expect complications with new Islamist president in Egypt

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American program administrators in Egypt foresee greater stability, not complications, with election of first Islamist president.

New study finds many foreign students lack American friends

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Study finds that nearly 40% of foreign students report having no close American friends. Those who study in the South have more American friends.

U.S. officials try to assuage international educators' concerns on English programs

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Federal officials address concerns over approval for English language institutes, but key questions remain unresolved.

New survey of Chinese students on motivations for picking colleges

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Experts offer insight into why Chinese students choose the universities that they do, what they can pay, and what their English levels are really like.

Boycott kills U. of Texas project on women writers in the Middle East

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U. of Texas wanted to honor a late scholar whose career had focused on Middle Eastern studies. But when Arab contributors found out that two Israelis would be published in the same work, a tribute fell apart.

Premier Indian engineering institute wants to open US office

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One of India's prestigious universities plans to open an American office to try to get back home some of the talent it has lost to universities in the U.S.

Four countries issue new standards for recruiting agents

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Australia, Britain, Ireland and New Zealand issue joint statement on recruiting international students, backing system that remains controversial in the U.S.

Yale faculty resoultion expresses concern about Singapore campus

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Over objections of Yale's president, professors approve measure demanding more attention to issues of freedom as university helps create new campus in Singapore.

Yale faculty raise governance questions about decision to open branch in Singapore

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Faculty raise questions about oversight of Yale’s new outpost in Singapore. Some wonder why they never got to vote on the project.

Canada university's partnership with think tank raises academic freedom questions

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Depending on whom you ask, York University's $30 million partnership with a think tank is either a sensible agreement or an attack on academic freedom.


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