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Black workers at universities often are left out of conversations about race and higher education


Black workers at universities are among the most vulnerable people on campuses. But they often are left out of conversations about racial justice.

Adding ethnic studies into college curricula has long been controversial, but is this moment different?


As ethnic studies requirements are put in place in California, capping years of struggle, educators discuss why it's important to talk about race in the classroom.

Black students need changes to policies and structures beyond higher education

Experts agree higher education needs to do more to create equity for Black students. But more attention needs to be paid to barriers Black students face before they step foot on campus.

Undergraduate contracts COVID-19 and dies. Family and university call for adherence to safety measures

The death of Appalachian State University sophomore Chad Dorrill is among the first reported since many colleges across the country resumed in-person instruction this fall.

Washington and Lee offers full-throated defense of targeted professors

Washington and Lee offers full-throated defense of professors targeted for political and racist reasons.

Professor suspended for saying Chinese word that sounds like an English slur

Professor suspended for saying a Chinese word that sounds like a racial slur in English.

'Zoombombers' disrupt online classes with racist, pornographic content

Online Zoom classes were disrupted by individuals spewing racist, misogynistic or vulgar content. Experts say professors using Zoom should familiarize themselves with the program's settings.

Senate Republicans join Democrats in rebuke of DeVos on borrower-defense rule

Ten Senate Republicans joined Democrats in backing a resolution opposing Education Secretary Betsy DeVos's borrower-defense rule, following a similar measure passed by the House.

FIT fashion show raises questions of diversity, creativity

A controversial fashion show at the Fashion Institute of Technology that some considered racist set off a discussion about balancing creativity and sensitivity in students' work.

UT Austin will fire professors guilty of sexual misconduct

University of Texas at Austin accepts recommendation to fire faculty members and staff found guilty of sexual misconduct and, in some cases, make their names public.


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