New policies guide removal of controversial building names


The Black Lives Matter protests inspired activists to demand the removal of controversial names from campus buildings. Many universities have established practices to guide them.

A group of Black students surround Myra Harris, a Black woman, and hold a sign reading "Welcome home Ms. Harris"

Campus voting drives aim to boost student turnout

College students turned out in force for the 2018 and 2020 elections. Some have been working hard this cycle to make sure that trend continues.

Students sit in a hotel conference room typing at laptops or writing, in front of a projector screen.

Survey on Campus Technology: Student Priorities and Problems

62% of students surveyed worry little (or not at all) about their college being targeted by cybersecurity breaches or cyberattacks, even though they could jeopardize their personal data.

Students value connectivity, convenience and being consulted about technology but have little concern about protecting institutional networks.

A student looks at an illuminated digital sign.

Collegiate recovery programs gain traction on campus

They were once a rarity, but a worsening addiction crisis and vigorous advocacy have led to a tenfold increase in programs to help students in recovery navigate campus life.

People in matching shirts that say "together we're stronger" stand behind a West Virginia University flag in front of a brick building.

GOP lawmakers would likely focus on debt-relief oversight

House Republicans are not likely to cut a deal with Biden administration on federal higher ed issues if they win control in midterms.

Kevin McCarthy, a white man with gray hair, stands at a lectern surrounded by other members of the House Republican caucus.

Student resident assistant unions gain traction

Five years after a groundbreaking labor board ruling allowed RAs at private institutions to unionize, some are finally succeeding. But for now, the ball may still be in colleges’ court.


New study explores why people drop out or don't enroll

A new study explores why students drop out of college or choose not to enroll.

A cartoon image of a man in a red shirt and backpack standing at a crossroads of three arrows against a blue background.

Bus operator shortages are impacting college students

The nationwide bus driver shortage is impacting campus transit: colleges are adjusting bus schedules, training new drivers and handing out taxi vouchers to help students get around.

A very crowded shuttle bus.

Students' internship experiences, how they want colleges to help

30% of Class of 2022 graduates say they didn’t have any internships or experiential learning opportunities within their college courses.

Students evaluate internships and experiential learning opportunities, including virtual roles that the pandemic made more widely available, and how stronger partnerships and other efforts would help.


Student protesters disrupt controversial speaker at UNM

An appearance by a conservative pundit at the University of New Mexico provoked raucous protests, renewing discussion of how universities can prepare for controversial speakers.

A group of student protesters, including some holding Black Lives Matter signs.


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