Purdue pauses new income-share agreement enrollments

An early adopter of income-share agreements, Purdue has paused new enrollments in its plan, citing servicing challenges amid the switch to a new vendor. Critics won’t be sad to see them go.

Purdue's income-share agreement website, which says, "Worried about how to pay for your Purdue education?"

Poll: Biden should address college costs over debt forgiveness

A new poll shows 82 percent of borrowers believe Biden should make college more affordable.


Scrutiny grows of withholding transcripts to collect student debt

Federal scrutiny grows of a practice colleges use widely. Two experts discuss what policy makers and institutions can do to avoid impeding students from jobs or further education.

Melanie Gottlieb and Martin Kurzweil, both white people with dark hair who are wearing glasses.

All former Corinthian students to have loans forgiven

Education Department will make the largest group discharge of federal student loans in U.S. history.

Vice President Kamala Harris, a Black woman wearing a suit and pearls.

Parent PLUS loans deepen racial wealth gap, study finds

Black parents are disproportionately burdened by Parent PLUS borrowing, a new study finds, leading to deeper racial inequities in student loan borrowing and higher education at large.

Illustration of a green figure in a graduation cap holding a circular load on its back labeled "Student loan."

White House officials considering $10,000 in debt relief

Some say so, but the president’s plan to cancel at least some student debt is still not finalized.

Protesters hold signs reading "Cancel student debt."

Debt relief has public support, but will that be enough?

However, political tension in Congress could bring strong opposition from Republicans to any broad move by Biden. Here’s what this means for the future of higher education and the federal government.

Illustration of a person in a cap and gown being handed a paper that says "debt."

Biden to propose debt relief soon, but how soon?

The announcement of his proposal for student debt relief is expected soon, but many questions—how soon and what his final policy will be—are still largely unanswered.

President Joe Biden, an older man with white hair wearing a suit and tie.

Young Americans and those with debt see less value in college

Younger Americans and those with student debt are far less likely than their peers to believe the benefits of getting a higher education outweigh the costs.

Cover of Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2021, showing a row of houses.

Student loan forgiveness: Biden's next move

President Biden suggests he will move to forgive some student debt. When a final decision will occur and whether his plan will be successful is still unknown.

Graphic featuring "student debt" in red letters surrounded by paper money and coins.


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