Growth in charitable contributions to colleges slows in 2016

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Total contributions climbed to $41 billion in 2016 even though gifts from individuals dropped.

Two GOP senators withhold full endorsement of education secretary nominee

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In committee vote on nomination of Betsy DeVos for education secretary, two Republican senators withhold full endorsement of the Michigan school choice activist, signaling possible trouble for her on the Senate floor.

Assessing President Obama's far-reaching impact on higher education

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Obama trumpeted importance of college-going and invested in students and institutions like no leader before him -- while demanding much in return and, sometimes, failing big, too.

DeVos grilled by Senate education committee

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Democrats on the Senate’s education panel grill Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s nominee for education secretary, who generally avoids specific answers.

Experts offer questions they hope to see asked of Trump's education secretary pick

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Policy experts, academics, advocates and college administrators ask questions they hope to see answered in today's confirmation hearing for Betsy DeVos, the Trump administration’s education secretary nominee.

Feds' data error inflated loan repayment rates on the College Scorecard

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Final Friday release by the Obama administration's Education Department corrects a substantial error in loan repayment rates on consumer web tool.

Rhode Island governor proposes two free years of public higher education

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Rhode Island governor proposes plan for the state's community college, and for junior and senior years at Rhode Island College and University of Rhode Island.

Experts talk about the college completion push and what comes next

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The college completion agenda reaches an inflection point as the Obama administration ends and the nation increasingly focuses on jobs and college value. Experts assess shifts in the completion push and what comes next.

Betsy DeVos, Trump's choice for education secretary, has unclear higher ed priorities

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Betsy DeVos has led Michigan GOP and organizations pushing for school choice, but her views on higher education are largely unknown.

Virginia Foxx weighs in on the GOP's higher education priorities

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The likely next chair of the U.S. House education committee weighs in on GOP higher education priorities a week after Republicans captured the White House and retained both chambers of Congress.


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