Student loan defaults drop as Obama admin again tweaks rates

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The share of students defaulting on their federal loans within three years fell this year, as the Obama administration again made a controversial tweak to the default rates in ways that helped some colleges.

New College Scorecard repayment data fuels debate over accountability for higher ed

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Repayment rates may replace default rates as key measure of quality. That's bad news for many for-profit and historically black colleges, and some community colleges, too.

General Assembly leads coding boot camps into the regulated side of higher education

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Coding academies and boot camps are growing fast. State agencies started paying attention to short-term training programs last year, in a move that may have helped the industry.

Obama administration publishes new college earnings, loan repayment data

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The Obama administration releases its revamped consumer tool -- in lieu of a college ratings system -- featuring data on postcollege earnings and how well students are repaying their loans.

Obama unveils new push for national free community college

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The president formally unveils new advisory board to further push the efforts of America's College Promise plan that would make two years of community college free nationally.

Clinton, Sanders united in call for more federal spending on higher ed, vary on college affordability approach

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Nearly all the Democratic presidential hopefuls are pitching new federal college affordability programs -- how do they differ?

First batch of Tennessee Promise students kick off academic year

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Tennessee is enrolling far more community college students than had been expected in program that is model for Obama proposal.

Tuition discounting grows at private colleges and universities

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The rate at which private colleges discounted their tuition crept ever closer to 50 percent in 2014, drawing warnings about unsustainability.

As for-profit education sector faces financial woes and greater regulatory scrutiny, banks gain influence over colleges

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As proprietary colleges struggle, banks gain increasing influence over their fates and their dealings with the government.

What does it mean for college to be 'affordable'? Here's one answer.

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With policy proposals flying, Lumina Foundation aims to start a discussion about what's reasonable for a typical student and her family to pay for college. Let the debate begin.


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