Higher Education Act proposals portend partisan clashes over accountability

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As House Republicans and a senior Senate Democrat release their plans for renewing the Higher Education Act, divisions set the stage for a partisan battle in the coming months. 

Report calls for tougher federal standards for four-year colleges

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An advocacy group's proposal for institutional accountability puts both for-profit colleges and elite research universities in the crosshairs. 

Obama defends college ratings system amid growing backlash from Capitol Hill

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As two members of Congress introduce a resolution opposing his accountability system, the president defends plan during his weeklong push on college affordability and student loan debt.

Obama expands income-based repayment to older borrowers, pushes Democrats’ student loan refinancing bill

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Obama administration will expand its income-based repayment program to more borrowers. Republicans pan the move as costly and question its legality.

Public comments flood U.S. Department of Education on 'gainful employment' proposal

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As public comment period ends for the administration's "gainful employment" proposal, for-profit colleges and supporters blast the rules as an overreach; critics of the industry say proposal doesn't go far enough.

UC president's letter sparks confusion over her stance on gainful employment

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U. of California president's letter about higher ed accountability sparks confusion over her stance on Obama administration's attempts to regulate for-profit colleges.

U.S. names colleges under investigation for sexual assault cases

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Obama administration releases, for the first time, a comprehensive roster of colleges being investigated for possible violations of Title IX over handling of sexual assault and harassment complaints.

U.S. finds Tufts is violating rules on sexual assault, amid larger crackdown

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As Obama administration unveils new guidance for combating sexual assault on campus, dispute between Tufts and federal officials underscores tensions.

Biden announces new consortium to promote apprenticeships as pathway to college degree

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The Obama administration unveils a new program aimed at making it easier for students to reap academic credit for completion of apprenticeships. 

Middlebury backs away from attempt to control rising prices

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Middlebury College gives itself a loophole in its plan linking tuition, room and board to inflation.



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