President Obama calls for cutting a year off of law school

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President Obama endorses idea that legal education is too expensive and too long.

For higher ed 'reformers,' Obama speech was welcome attention

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For colleges and other organizations promoting alternative paths to degrees, the president's speech was validation they have wanted.

Higher education leaders respond to Obama's ambitous ratings system plan

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Obama proposes expansive college rating system. Making it happen won't be easy, but higher education leaders said they'll play ball.

President Obama proposes to link student aid to new ratings of colleges

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President proposes new system to evaluate colleges -- and plan to offer greater Pell Grants and more favorable loans to those who attend institutions with the best rankings.

Study analyzes public and private colleges' pricing and admissions strategies

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Researchers' framework for analyzing public and private colleges' pricing and enrollment strategies suggests that federal aid drives up private college tuition.

U. of Virginia changes much praised aid program to require loans

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U. of Virginia changes rules for its highly praised program for low-income students. Going forward, they will need loans.

Higher ed groups offer suggestions for revamping Higher Education Act

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In response to Congressional invitation, college groups suggest ideas for revising key federal law, from federal student-level database to risk-based approaches to accreditation and student aid.

Obama vows to 'shake up' higher education and find new ways to limit costs

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President Obama vows to issue "aggressive strategy" to deal with the rising prices of higher education. Some academics question emphasis on efficiency.

Senate negotiators reach (another) student loan deal

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Compromise would tie federal student loan interest rates to financial market, cap them, and direct some savings to reducing the deficit. Senate approval is not a sure thing.

How much impact will interest rate increase have on student borrowing?

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The rise in subsidized student loan interest rates could increase overall indebtedness, but it's less clear what effect that will have on students' behavior.


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