Higher ed groups offer suggestions for revamping Higher Education Act

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In response to Congressional invitation, college groups suggest ideas for revising key federal law, from federal student-level database to risk-based approaches to accreditation and student aid.

Obama vows to 'shake up' higher education and find new ways to limit costs

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President Obama vows to issue "aggressive strategy" to deal with the rising prices of higher education. Some academics question emphasis on efficiency.

Senate negotiators reach (another) student loan deal

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Compromise would tie federal student loan interest rates to financial market, cap them, and direct some savings to reducing the deficit. Senate approval is not a sure thing.

How much impact will interest rate increase have on student borrowing?

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The rise in subsidized student loan interest rates could increase overall indebtedness, but it's less clear what effect that will have on students' behavior.

Federal report warns that aid proposals could hurt low-income minority students

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Citing declining enrollment and bachelor's degree attainment for low-income minority students, report warns that proposals to reform federal student aid could harm access and outcomes for neediest students.

In first year, 'Shopping Sheet' doesn't make a big splash

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In its first year, a much-touted "shopping sheet" to help new college students and their families appears to be having minimal impact.

Minerva pushing proposal to create new accreditation system

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Proposal circulating on Capitol Hill asks accreditors to create a way for new providers to gain approval more quickly.

Out-of-state enrollment decreases minority, low-income student enrollment

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New paper finds that increases in the proportion of out-of-state students at public research universities lead to declines in the enrollment of minority and low-income students.

With 2 hearings, Congress takes first steps toward rewriting Higher Education Act

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With concurrent hearings, Congress takes the first tentative steps toward reauthorizing the Higher Education Act.

U.S. announces rulemaking on gainful employment, state authorization and 'long-term agenda'

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The Education Department gears up to try again on regulations governing vocational programs, and -- building on its recent activity -- hints at broad regulatory agenda in the near future.


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