Public comments flood U.S. Department of Education on 'gainful employment' proposal

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As public comment period ends for the administration's "gainful employment" proposal, for-profit colleges and supporters blast the rules as an overreach; critics of the industry say proposal doesn't go far enough.

UC president's letter sparks confusion over her stance on gainful employment

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U. of California president's letter about higher ed accountability sparks confusion over her stance on Obama administration's attempts to regulate for-profit colleges.

U.S. names colleges under investigation for sexual assault cases

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Obama administration releases, for the first time, a comprehensive roster of colleges being investigated for possible violations of Title IX over handling of sexual assault and harassment complaints.

U.S. finds Tufts is violating rules on sexual assault, amid larger crackdown

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As Obama administration unveils new guidance for combating sexual assault on campus, dispute between Tufts and federal officials underscores tensions.

Biden announces new consortium to promote apprenticeships as pathway to college degree

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The Obama administration unveils a new program aimed at making it easier for students to reap academic credit for completion of apprenticeships. 

Middlebury backs away from attempt to control rising prices

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Middlebury College gives itself a loophole in its plan linking tuition, room and board to inflation.


U. of Colorado flummoxes companies promising in-state tuition to out-of-state students

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Two Colorado companies promised to help out-of-state students get in-state tuition. Then the University of Colorado cracked down.

A California law school ends discount pricing

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La Verne tries a radical approach to pricing. Could it catch on in legal education?

State regulators express concern over Education Department's new draft state authorization proposal

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State regulators are concerned that the Education Department's new proposal will impose substantial new burdens on their offices.

New America report provides snapshot of rising debt burdens of graduate students

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New snapshot shows that borrowers are taking out more loans to pay for their advanced degrees across a range of disciplines.


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