What a Republican-led Congress means for higher education policy

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A new Republican majority in the Senate may help colleges reduce regulatory burden -- but may also portend tough budget battles over funding for student aid and research. 

Obama administration has helped weaken and change the for-profit industry

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The final gainful employment rules have plenty of critics, but it's undeniable that the Obama administration has made a difference with its five-year crackdown on for-profits.

Higher ed, especially tuition, an issue in governors races

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Higher education issues -- mostly tuition costs -- are showing up in governors races across the country.

Bipartisan support for bringing back federal aid for 'ability-to-benefit' students

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Community colleges gain traction in push to reinstate federal aid for students without a high school diploma, less so for bringing back "summer Pell."

Democrats tout student loan issues, Ryan budget higher ed cuts in political ads

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Student debt, the Ryan Budget, and the value of the Department of Education are among the higher education issues making their way onto the political airwaves this fall, as Democrats look to hold on to the Senate and keep seats in the House.

Education Department awards $75 million in innovation grants to colleges

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Education Department awards its "First in the World" innovation grants, for which nearly 500 institutions applied. The 24 winners will share $75 million in available federal funding. 

Default rate on federal loans ticks down slightly; 21 colleges face sanctions for high rates

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The default rate on federal loans edges down as 21 colleges face sanctions for having rates that exceed the legal threshold.

Education Dept. tweaks default rate calculation to help colleges avoid penalties

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As colleges face penalties under new, stricter loan default standards, Obama administration lets some colleges off the hook by recalculating the rates in their favor. 

Think tank backs changes to Pell by pointing out tricks colleges play with merit aid

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Lobbying for changes to key aid program for low-income students, New America Foundation study points to tricks colleges play with Pell Grants.

As state student aid spending plateaus, need-based grants get a boost

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States last year kept their spending on student aid roughly the same -- but they invested more heavily in grant programs based on financial need rather than merit. 


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