Democrats and higher education groups call on Congress to use Pell surplus to expand program

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Democrats, higher education groups and consumer advocates renew their push for Congress to restore year-round Pell Grants and strengthen the program during a lame-duck session after the election.

Education Dept. releases final version of defense to repayment loan rules

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Education Department releases regulations to protect student borrowers against fraudulent and abusive institutions. Although rules are aimed at for-profit colleges, critics say they could have repercussions for all colleges.

College price increases moderate as borrowing dips, College Board report shows

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Student borrowing drops for the fifth straight year as the rate of tuition increases slows.

Higher ed would be central in a Clinton administration, but who would carry agenda in Congress?

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As Election Day nears, it's uncertain who would lead the Senate committee that would handle key higher education legislation -- including a "free college" proposal if Hillary Clinton is elected -- in the next Congress.

College admission counselors raise concerns over packaging of PLUS loans to students' parents

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Admissions counselors raise concerns over some colleges packaging PLUS loans in financial aid award letters, possibly misleading families about cost of attendance.

State-funded student aid rises

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Grant aid grew by 5.7 percent and nongrant aid grew by more than 7 percent in 2014-15 fiscal year.

Low endowment returns don't stop regulation push

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Endowment spending remains under scrutiny, even as low returns roll in this year for colleges with large investment holdings.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau plays outsize role as regulator of for-profits and loan servicers

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As second longtime target collapses and enforcement actions pile up, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau becomes key regulator of student loan industry and for-profit higher ed.

Trump questions spending decisions of colleges with large endowments

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GOP candidate vows to work with Congress to push wealthy colleges and universities to spend more on students. Move comes as top endowments report losses.

Report finds Georgia's HOPE programs miss many students

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New analysis of Georgia's aid program for top students -- a model for those of many other states -- finds that it is missing many low-income and minority students.


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