Faculty members at Whitman fight for more say in how the administration raises its student-faculty ratio

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Is an eight-to-one student-faculty ratio one to be cherished or seen as a luxury few colleges can afford? Debate at Whitman illustrates the tensions.

Degree requirements for child-care workers may improve industry, but raise concerns for low-paying field

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A changing economy and professionalization is driving an increase in education requirements for child-care workers, but there are concerns about mandating higher degrees for a field that traditionally doesn't pay well.

Long Island University, citing need to attract students, orders faculty to trim core curriculum

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University that locked out its faculty in the fall is now telling professors they must shrink the core curriculum within a year and make do without majors such as philosophy and math.

Court backs U of New Mexico in case involving student who said she was booted from course for critiquing lesbianism

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Appeals court sides with U of New Mexico in case of student who said she was booted from a class for critiquing lesbianism. Judges say professors have right to make decisions about what kind of speech is appropriate for academic setting.

AAUP report says adjunct professor was likely fired for insisting on rigor in courses

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AAUP report concludes that a professor at Community College of Aurora was likely fired for refusing to compromise on rigor in his courses as part of a "student success" initiative.

Study suggests scientific work force is aging -- as younger scientists struggle to find good jobs

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Study suggests scientific work force is aging -- and will get even older, even as younger scientists hang on the sidelines in hopes of jobs and face longer odds of landing grants.

Ideas for improving higher education's primary role in work force development

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Republican-dominated Washington wants more occupational job training as an alternative to college degrees. But higher education will remain the federal government’s primary job-training system, albeit one experts say could use a reboot.

Ideological odd couple Robert George and Cornel West issue a joint statement against 'campus illiberalism'

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Ideological odd couple Robert George and Cornel West issue joint statement -- attracting thousands of signatures -- in wake of shouting down of a speaker at Middlebury.

How St. Olaf scrubbed from a building the name of a revered professor accused of sexual misconduct

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How St. Olaf decided to scrub the name of a revered late professor recently accused of sexual misconduct from his namesake building.

Communication professor establishes rules with his students on talking about Trump in class

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Communication professor establishes ground rules for political conversations with his students in class. Could they be useful to other academics struggling with how to encourage productive conversations about the president, while not losing control of the syllabus?


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