Study of online ratings of professors suggest scores vary with instructor's gender and perceived rigor

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Study of millions of online ratings of professors suggests scores vary with an instructor’s gender, discipline and perceived “easiness.”

Georgia Tech launches second low-cost online master's degree program

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Three years after its low-cost MOOC-inspired master’s degree program in computer science launched, the institute announces a new program in analytics priced at less than $10,000.

Study explores how universities deploy faculty and link to professors' pay

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Study suggests that number of students taught has relatively little to do with faculty salaries, but that universities act efficiently in allocating resources to teaching and research.

Research documents life impact of attending a liberal arts college

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Study finds positive impact on graduates’ life experiences, including leadership, civic-mindedness … and financial success.

Historians push for more collaboration in a field that traditionally has snubbed group efforts

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Historians push for more teamwork even as many feel it won’t help them earn tenure.

Stony Brook philosophy Ph.D. says his department plans review amid claims he's a neo-Nazi

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Stony Brook may be reviewing scholarship behind dissertation approved in philosophy for figure active in white nationalist circles. Some worry about academic freedom implications of such a review.

New report makes data-based case for building U.S. capacity for foreign language

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A new report from American Academy of Arts and Sciences makes a data-based case for building U.S. capacity for foreign languages.

Student secretly records professor's anti-Trump comments

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Student secretly records professor’s anti-Trump comments, after which a student group wants the professor punished and the faculty union wants the student disciplined. Are more such incidents to come?

Graduate school group seeks a framework for master's degrees

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With programs growing, graduate schools group tries to create a framework for curricula and expectations across diverse fields.

Professor Watchlist receives challenge from new blog: Watch List Redux, where being named is intended as a badge of honor

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Professor Watchlist faces challenge from Watchlist Redux, where being named is intended as a badge of honor and where "radical" applies to Socrates, Jesus and Alan Turing, as well as those singled out today.


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