Shopify sued by publishers alleging copyright violations

Five major textbook publishers band together in a lawsuit accusing e-commerce hub Shopify of enabling digital piracy.


Six ideas for prioritizing academic integrity among students

Just 17% of students say all or nearly all their professors have put effort into using authentic assessments that make cheating more difficult; another quarter say many professors have done so.

Student perceptions of academic integrity and exposure to unethical behaviors uncovered in our survey can guide colleges in educating about such issues and taking action to prevent cheating.


2U completes purchase of edX, creating 'free to degree' platform

The online learning platform absorbs the nonprofit started by Harvard and MIT to expand its reach. Philosophical concerns linger, but edX partners will benefit from new investment.


Colleges explore a new three-year bachelor’s degree program

Higher education thought leaders and colleges are working together to create a three-year bachelor’s degree program that will offer all the value of a four-year degree—for less cost.


Research links rise in college completion to grade inflation

New research argues that increases in GPAs are responsible for the rise in college completion rates since the 1990s.


Open-access science in the misinformation era

While open-access science has made research available worldwide, some scholars worry that misinformation, fraud and politicization have become rampant in a system that rewards speed and sparkle.


Philanthropies help HBCUs take their education online

United Negro College Fund and Complete College America support Black colleges’ efforts to upgrade their expertise and replicate their unique educational offerings digitally.


Tiny Hilbert College bets big on large online presence

The college built an online program with grand ambitions and 11 degree offerings without relying on an online program manager.


Dealing with college students’ learning loss: The Key podcast

Two experts on student learning discuss how colleges and professors can gauge whether and how much the pandemic set back students on their educational paths.


Removed from the classroom over mask rule in Iowa

The University of Northern Iowa removed a professor from in-person teaching because he required masks in his close-quarters lab. He says he's not budging, and he's asking for other professors to join him.



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