With departments under threat for few majors, physicists say value isn't reflected in numbers

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U. of Southern Maine is latest institution to consider closing its physics department. Are there disciplines whose lack of popularity with the masses shouldn't doom them?

With fall pilot under way, Wake Forest U. joins 2U online course consortium

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After months on the fence, Wake Forest University joins 2U's Semester Online consortium just as its fall pilot gets under way, but initial student interest at some institutions has been tepid.

Stackable credentials in energy industry take off in Texas

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Texas community colleges create stackable credentials for jobs in booming oil and gas industry, so students can leave when hired and return later.

MIT announces two MOOC sequences as edX strategy begins to take shape

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Are MIT and edX's announcements about MOOC sequences and verified certificates of completion a sign of things to come, or just another round of experimentation?

Promising remedial math reform in Tennessee expands

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Tennessee expands a remedial math project that reaches into high schools to boost college readiness, and the state's governor backs the reform with real money.

After weeks of delays, San Jose State U. releases research report on online courses

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San Jose State's study of its work using MOOCs to teach some course points to many problems not mentioned in last month's optimistic update.

Study finds that students learn more from non-tenure-track instructors

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Students at major research university learn more when their instructors are off the tenure track than when they are on it, new study finds.

UT-Austin psychology professors prepare "world's first" synchronous massive online course

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Guided by student performance results, two psychology professors at the U. of Texas at Austin take their introductory course online in what they think is the first ever "SMOC."

Faculty advocates react to Obama's plan for higher ed

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Professors overwhelmingly voted for Obama twice. But five years into his presidency, few faculty leaders are surprised that they disagree strongly with his plan for higher ed reform.

Google Glass beta test generates excitement, innovation among medical professionals

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After a summer's worth of experimentation, educators are ready to bring Google Glass into the classroom -- but medical professors have already beat them to the punch.


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