Meeting discusses challenges facing liberal arts colleges

Professors and presidents consider whether their business models, demographics and programs must change for institutions to thrive.

Despite the hype, virtual reality still years away from making a difference in higher ed

The hype has some colleges wondering if now is the right time to jump in. High costs and development issues suggest the technology is still years away from making a difference.

Common freshman reading selections focus on immigration, racial injustice

Immigration and racial injustice are topics of choice for common reading choices this year.

Lawsuit alleges gender discrimination in requiring same-sex physics lab partners

Student sues U of Cincinnati after being told she can't have male partner in physics lab. Emails suggest multiple university officials defended the policy, but university now says it was not mandatory.

Michigan State drops college algebra requirement

Students at Michigan State University will no longer have to take college-level algebra, thanks to a revision of the general-education math requirement.

Study finds few students cheat the system with digital homework questions

Even if they could cheat without being penalized, most students will take an honest stab at homework questions, study finds.

Study finds inconclusive results about efficacy of adaptive learning

Major study of adaptive learning finds inconclusive results about its ability to improve outcomes and lower costs, but use at two-year colleges and in remedial courses shows potential.

New university initiatives focus on bringing open educational resources to the masses

New initiatives at university systems show the maturation of efforts to increase the use of open educational resources.

Debate over whether all undergraduates should take mathematics course

Wayne State University drops what has been part of its general-education program for all students, raising the question of which fields are needed by all undergraduates.

SUNY Buffalo and University of Virginia reform general education

At the University at Buffalo and the U of Virginia, professors fear that too many requirements and not enough thought about them may detract from students' learning. Both move toward more thematic approaches to general education.


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