Sallie Mae offers online tutoring through Chegg

As reported in Inside Higher Ed, Sallie Mae, the student loan company, will offer free online tutoring to borrowers through a partnership with Chegg, an online textbook publisher that recently has moved into student support services, including test preparation and tutoring.

MOOC about nuclear weapons dangers

A Stanford University MOOC raises public consciousness about nuclear weapons dangers, the course designers say.

Author of 'Flipped Learning' discusses what it is and how professors can use it

In an interview, Robert Talbert discusses his book on the instructional approach and how college instructors can use it effectively.

Where the trends are going in the LMS market

New data from e-Literate show which LMSs are gaining ground (and which aren't).

Missouri S&T online, residential students conduct lab experiments from homes

There isn't enough lab space for all hands-on courses at Missouri University of Science and Technology. So thousands of online and residential students are doing experiments in their homes and dorm rooms, producing both conveniences and challenges.

Online class sizes: one size doesn't fit all

Some colleges cap online class registrations while others adhere to their face-to-face limits. Still others consider each specific course. Which strategy works best?

A professor bemoans representing in class the status quo that she originally hoped to challenge (essay)

Teaching Today

The classrooms that we as professors have tried to create -- spaces where inequities are voiced and the status quo challenged -- are becoming reality, writes Lynn Cockett. The problem is we now represent that status quo.

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Critics of proposed legislation on First Amendment rights at Wisconsin public universities say it goes too far

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Critics of proposed legislation to ensure First Amendment rights at Wisconsin public universities say it could backfire and limit expression. Requirement for political neutrality alarms professors and administrators alike.

Colgate Releases First Findings on False Alarm on Shooter

Colgate University released its findings from a 10-day review that examined what went wrong May 1 when the university mistook a black student carrying a glue gun for an “active shooter” on campus.

Colgate students received two campus security alerts that evening. The first indicated a person with a gun had entered a campus building. The second reported an active shooter on campus and ordered a lockdown. It caused fear and anxiety on campus, as well as a social media frenzy.

Upon learning that the “active shooter” was a student who needed a glue gun for an art project, Brian W. Casey, the president of Colgate, promised to review what happened and make the results public. He said he believed racial profiling could have contributed to the escalated events from that night.

The findings -- as well as some recommendations -- are now available on the university’s website. The review found the university should improve its emergency response structures as well as the flow of communication surrounding potentially threatening situations.

The two senior administrators leading the review said in the report that the matter of racial profiling or bias is inconclusive.

“There is no appropriate way within the time frame and scope of this investigation to fully, or even preliminarily, assess the role that bias might have played in the initial report to Campus Safety of perceptions of an armed person,” the report said.

“The university should aggressively consider the ways in which it can shape the campus environment to minimize the likelihood that members of our community will be inaccurately perceived as threats.”

The report recommends the university provide more information and training for all students, faculty and staff in dealing with emergency situations.

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Indiana University's active-learning initiative expands, exceeds expectations

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The university brings its active-learning initiative to regional campuses, seeking to boost student engagement.


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