A university decides to eliminate 8 a.m. classes

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A university in Michigan has great news for the bleary-eyed but hopes at least some of them will still get up early.

Study traces characteristics of undergraduate education to key measures of success in life

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Study links certain traits of undergraduate education to success in life: meaningful interaction with professors, studying a variety of fields outside the major and having classroom talks that go to issues of ethics and life.

Florida governor wants to know why all psychology majors aren't employed

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Florida's governor has called public university presidents to a meeting to ask why they can't be sure graduates in their most popular majors will all be employed. His prime target is psychology.

Explaining Khan Academy's patent application for A/B testing in education

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Experts attempt to make sense of Khan Academy's patent application for A/B testing in education -- and whether it can even be patented.

Education Department's inspector general's high-stakes audit of Western Governors U

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The Education Department's inspector general is auditing Western Governors U over the faculty role in its competency-based programs. The high-stakes audit is relevant to other colleges and forms of online learning.

Professors consider how to sell the English major to students, parents, administrators, politicians

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At MLA, professors consider how to make the case for their discipline -- and talk about salary prospects -- to prospective students, but also to parents, presidents and politicians.

Author discusses her new book, 'Manifesto for the Humanities'

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Author of new book explains a path forward -- in large part through changes in doctoral education -- for disciplines whose scholars feel under siege.

How best can the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative invest billions in personalized learning?

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Experts weigh in on what the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative needs to do to put the Facebook founder's billions of dollars toward expanding the use of personalized learning.

How many is too many teaching waivers at a public research institution?

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At the University of Missouri at Columbia, half the faculty don't meet the annual minimum teaching load. Does that matter?

With writing, study finds, quality of assignment and instruction -- not quantity -- matters

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New study suggests that when it comes to writing assignments and instruction, quality -- not quantity -- matters most.


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