A poem about teaching and Sutherland Springs (essay)

Wisdom is lost on the young,
As well it should be.

Let them find it themselves
Along their path, along the stream.

Still, at the very least let me help
Draw their attention to its possibility.

I know I could do better
Than today’s class when I went on too long

About the nature of impermanence.

My reference to that recent
Mass murder in a little church

200 miles from here probably
Wasn’t a welcome example either.

Laurence Musgrove is professor and chair of English and modern languages at Angelo State University. His collection of poetry, Local Bird, and a forthcoming collection of aphorisms, One Kind of Recording, are from Lamar University Literary Press.

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Feminism, safe spaces and the inclusion of male voices

At National Women’s Studies Association annual gathering, scholar talks using trigger warnings and safe spaces as a way to engage men in feminist discourse.

Nebraska Responds to Demands on Political Climate

The University of Nebraska at Lincoln said Friday that a graduate student lecturer in English who flipped off an undergraduate activist and called her a “neo-fascist Becky” will no longer teach there. Two university spokespeople also resigned in relation to the incident. The announcement follows pressure from state lawmakers to make the campus more hospitable to political conservatives. Courtney Lawton, the lecturer, already has been removed from the classroom but will formally stop teaching at the end of the year, when her contract runs out, according to the Omaha World-Herald.  In August, Lawton was captured on video protesting on-campus recruiting table for Turning Point USA, the conservative student organization behind Professor Watchlist.

Three Republican state legislators said earlier this month that they wanted more “accountability” and “transparency” from the university on political climate issues. The University of Nebraska System has since sent them a letter promising changes that reflect “the importance of open conversation that respects each other’s differences.” Planned actions include formally studying the climate. Two university spokespeople also said last week that they’d resigned, after the institution released internal emails that critics said suggested an attempt to “spin” the Turning Point story, according to the World-Herald. Teresa Paulson, university system spokesperson and one of those who resigned, disputed that suggestion, saying “the clear purpose of my email was simply to ensure that we were conveying the positive attributes of the university’s students, staff and faculty.”

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NSSE 2017 finds students enrolling in 'inclusive' courses

Annual survey finds that students want to and increasingly are doing so, many times related to diversity.

Study finds student distrust of those who are not native speakers of English


Students outside the U.S. doubt reliability of instruction in English that is not from native speakers, study finds.

Survey: Instructors support technology, but institutions lack implementation plans

That's one of the main takeaways from a newly released survey of chief academic officers. Another big one: OER will be major source of content for courses within five years.

National online learning database launched

As reported by Inside Higher Ed, Oregon State University Ecampus has created a database compiling research on the efficacy of online learning.

Digital learning leaders stress importance of building faculty support for online initiatives

Digital learning leaders diagnose the challenges of seeking faculty support -- and possible solutions to obtaining it.

Administrators and sports experts weigh in on how many online courses college athletes should take

Iowa imposed limit on distance education by its athletes, only to back away. Does online ed help athletes learn, or just make it easier for them to miss classes?

Universities mull creation of an IT accessibility group to review vendor products

As lawsuits mount over access to learning technologies for people with disabilities, universities consider banding together to share accessibility reviews of vendor products.


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