Some teaching and learning centers have closed after the recession, but field is growing over all

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Some centers dedicated to teaching and learning have closed as a result of budget cuts. But the field is one of growth over all, experts say.

Study suggests research plays bigger role in faculty evaluations, student evaluations could matter less

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Research is playing a bigger role in faculty evaluations, while collegiality is declining in importance, study suggests. Student evaluations remain important in assessing faculty, but could be given less weight going forward.

STEM students fare better when professors don't just lecture, study finds

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Students in science and math fields learn more and fail courses less when their instructors use methods other than lecturing, a massive study finds.

Ideas take shape for new accreditors aimed at emerging online providers

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Two groups want to create new bodies that would review the academic quality of individual online courses or non-college providers.

As the ed-tech sector swells, can vendors deliver results?

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As the ed-tech investment community gathers at the Education Innovation Summit for a fifth year, some attendees are growing impatient about the lack of results.

New competency-based programs at Lipscomb could be model for liberal arts colleges

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Lipscomb University shows what competency-based education can look like in its blended form, both in-person and at a liberal arts college.

Lipscomb University's assessment center's high stakes approach to competency-based education

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Incoming students in competency-based programs at Lipscomb University spend a long day trying to prove their baseline skills and behavior, with 30 college credits on the line. 

To accept MOOCs for credit, Florida International U. may set up prior learning assessment safeguards

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Florida International University prepares a prior learning assessment pilot in anticipation of granting credit for massive open online courses.

Oberlin backs down on 'trigger warnings' for professors who teach sensitive material

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Facing widespread faculty opposition, Oberlin drops policy requiring warnings about material that may be upsetting to students. Do students need such cautions?

Community colleges go big with corporate college consortium

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Maricopa joins a growing number of community colleges in finding new revenue by selling job training to large corporations.


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