Governors State U relies on full-time professors to teach all freshmen

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Governors State U, with many at-risk students, and without much money, opts to fill freshman program course sections with full-time faculty members only.

Study shows 8.7% decline in humanities bachelor's degrees in 2 years

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Number of bachelor's degrees awarded fell 8.7 percent between 2012 and 2014, study finds.

Liberal arts colleges explore interdisciplinary pathways with computer science

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Liberal arts colleges are increasingly exploring interdisciplinary connections to find a place for computer science on their campuses.

Survey finds increased use of learning outcomes measures, but decline in standardized tests

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Measures of student learning, beyond grades, are on the rise, according to results of a new survey. But colleges are less likely to use standardized tests for learning outcomes.

A university decides to eliminate 8 a.m. classes

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A university in Michigan has great news for the bleary-eyed but hopes at least some of them will still get up early.

Study traces characteristics of undergraduate education to key measures of success in life

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Study links certain traits of undergraduate education to success in life: meaningful interaction with professors, studying a variety of fields outside the major and having classroom talks that go to issues of ethics and life.

Florida governor wants to know why all psychology majors aren't employed

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Florida's governor has called public university presidents to a meeting to ask why they can't be sure graduates in their most popular majors will all be employed. His prime target is psychology.

Explaining Khan Academy's patent application for A/B testing in education

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Experts attempt to make sense of Khan Academy's patent application for A/B testing in education -- and whether it can even be patented.

Education Department's inspector general's high-stakes audit of Western Governors U

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The Education Department's inspector general is auditing Western Governors U over the faculty role in its competency-based programs. The high-stakes audit is relevant to other colleges and forms of online learning.

Professors consider how to sell the English major to students, parents, administrators, politicians

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At MLA, professors consider how to make the case for their discipline -- and talk about salary prospects -- to prospective students, but also to parents, presidents and politicians.


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