Noodle, online degree enabler, buys parts of HotChalk, a former competitor

The online program management company buys assets of HotChalk, another OPM, whose biggest client, Concordia Portland, closed early this year.

Ed-tech veterans launch Zoom challenger Engageli


Ed-tech start-up Engageli has raised $14.5 million to build a videoconferencing platform. Unlike Zoom, the platform has been purposefully designed with college and university faculty members and students in mind.

Zoom went down on the first day of class

A five-hour disruption raises hackles and questions about contingency planning for technical problems in the age of social distancing. Said one university administrator, "2020 is a year of whatever can go wrong, has."

Many colleges will return to normal grading this fall. But will the semester be 'normal'?

Colleges adopted an array of flexible assessment policies because of COVID-19 last spring. Many are reverting to their normal practices this fall -- though the term will be anything but.

Will active learning be possible if colleges have physically distanced classrooms this fall?

Advocates for active learning worry that their favored approach will be hard to pull off in physically distanced classrooms -- and that instructors will revert to the straightforward lecture.

New resources to help support faculty with quality online instruction

Anticipating continued remote instruction this fall, nonprofits, ed-tech companies and institutions race to provide faculty with the resources and training they need to teach well online.

The student view of this spring's shift to remote learning

A professor's in-depth survey of students before and after courses went virtual offers insights into how colleges can improve. The key elements: a thoughtful mix of flexibility and structure.

Preparing (quietly) for a fall semester without in-person instruction

If campuses are still off-limits to students come September, this spring's version of remote learning won't suffice. Some colleges are preparing (quietly) to deliver better online learning at scale if needed.

Pivot to online raises concerns for FERPA, surveillance

Colleges are scrambling to move courses online. But with those changes come concerns over privacy and surveillance.

As coronavirus closures force colleges to move students online, ed-tech experts see opportunity -- but also risk

With the coronavirus outbreak forcing colleges to close campuses and move classes online, vendors face sudden upside. But the biggest beneficiaries are likely different in the long and short terms.


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