Colleges need "enterprise-level" software to tackle student success issues, company says


EAB, a research and technology services company, says the time is right for an enterprise-level “student success management system.” Other vendors wonder what took them so long.

Cathy Sandeen updates her MOOC predictions

Writing for Inside Higher Ed, Cathy Sandeen looked back at her past predictions and claims about massive open online courses to see how they’ve held up. Sandeen, chancellor of the University of Wisconsin Colleges and University of Wisconsin Extension, provided new insights and predictions. She said:

Compilation on the OER Moment

Inside Higher Ed is pleased to release today our latest print-on-demand compilation, "The OER Moment." You may download the booklet here, free, and sign up here for a free webinar on the themes of the booklet on Tuesday, July 18, at 2 p.m. Eastern.

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Google Classroom not in the college classroom

Using the Classroom platform, instructors can post announcements, share documents, create self-grading assessments and more. But it's no substitute for the LMS. 

CAEL tool measures support of adult students

The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) has launched a tool that allows colleges and universities to measure their support of their adult students. Adult Learner 360 compares the institutions' effectiveness against adult students’ perceptions using two surveys: one that captures the importance and effectiveness of the institutions' activities, policies and practices, and one that measures the satisfaction of the adult learners.

Selecting an online exam proctoring service

Kelvin Bentley provides the questions to ask for finding the right partner for your institution.

Anti-Turnitin manifesto calls for resistance to some technology in digital age

Essay argues the age of big data is the time for professors to reconsider their reliance on the anti-plagiarism business.

Podcast: trends in online education

In this Inside Higher Ed webinar, Pulse's host Rodney B. Murray discusses with Kenneth Hartman, a veteran of online learning and currently CEO of Degree Quest, various aspects of online education, including enrollment trends, judging quality, faculty development and the use of data analytics.

Pulse podcast features interview with Ken Hartman, online learning veteran


This month's episode of the Pulse podcast features an interview with Ken Hartman, a veteran of online learning and currently CEO of Degree Quest.

Maryville U offers intensive iPad training for faculty members

Administrators at the Missouri university realized that an initiative to give every student an iPad wouldn't pay off if professors didn't buy in. Its hefty investment in training has been rewarded with significant adoption and strong student results.


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