Boston College Objects to Paul Ryan Video

In a promotional video posted to the Speaker of the House’s Twitter account, Representative Paul Ryan used video footage of Boston College without getting proper permission from its creator, The Boston Globe reported.

The minute-long video, posted on April 18 and titled “Imagine a Tax Form That Is the Size of a Postcard,” includes eight seconds of footage of college graduates clad in black caps and gowns on a picturesque campus.

The footage, displayed while Ryan discusses the complicated tax provisions surrounding college tuition payments, was taken of BC graduates in front of an iconic campus building, Gasson Hall. It was shot and produced by Sean Casey, a senior creative producer for the university.

“The use of the video footage was not authorized by Boston College,” a spokesman told the Globe.

Casey pointed this out on his own Twitter account last week. “This video includes footage from one of my videos for BC the Speaker did not receive permission to use. … Shame … Shame … Shame …” Casey wrote on Twitter. He said he had reached out to the Speaker’s office about the misuse of his footage.

As of Sunday night, the video was still on Ryan’s Twitter account.

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