Competency-based education a challenge for vendors

Inside Higher Ed's other coverage of digital learning during the past week includes:

A conversation about digital accessibility

On Tuesday Inside Higher Ed presented a webinar about the tricky issues concerning making digital materials accessible to students with disabilities. Listen in as editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman discuss the issues and answer questions from the audience.

The story of an under-the-radar online learning pioneer

The founder of what was seemingly the first "online program management" companies dies, at a time the industry is both growing and in flux.

Davidson College launches online course about fake news

Davidson College launches a free, two-week online course about defining, identifying and avoiding deliberately false stories.

End the war between online and on-campus instruction

Open the way for research on the educational consequences of collaboration between virtual and face-to-face learning, Robert Ubell argues.

Competency-based education remains a niche market for software vendors


Despite the buzz, competency-based education remains a challenging market for software vendors.

Pierce College uses data dashboards to improve graduation rates

Pierce College employs practical data to help boost graduation rates


More coverage of digital learning

Inside Higher Ed's other coverage of digital learning during the past week includes:

Cornell faculty members unaware of library services

In a study of library instruction and usage, Cornell University Library found that 41 percent of instructors who responded (total: 46 percent of the faculty) lacked awareness of the services it provided on how to use the library. In one school, the proportion unaware was as high as 70 percent.

Data analytics programs taking off at colleges

Colleges are working to meet demand for big data analysis with burgeoning degree and non-degree programs.


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