Allowing devices in the classroom hurts academic performance, study finds

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Study by faculty members at West Point finds students perform better academically when laptops and tablets are banned from the classroom.

Article criticizes impact of digital humanities on colleges

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Controversial article argues digital humanities scholars are -- intentionally or not -- leading a "neoliberal takeover" of colleges and universities.

Critics protest handling of rights to hacktivist Aaron Swartz's writings

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Decision to grant a publisher the right to print the writings of Aaron Swartz -- viewed by some as a martyr of the open-access movement -- sets off a debate about copyright.

MIT online learning report notes importance of teachers, instructional designers

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Report on the future of online education stresses central role of faculty members and instructional designers.

George Washington U alumni sue university over quality of online program

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Graduates of an online program at George Washington U sue the institution, saying they paid more to receive a worse experience than face-to-face students.

Publishers report digital sales overtaking print sales

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Major publishers report sales of digital course materials surpass sales of print textbooks for the first time. Are the numbers right -- and does it matter?

Liberal arts colleges explore interdisciplinary pathways with computer science

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Liberal arts colleges are increasingly exploring interdisciplinary connections to find a place for computer science on their campuses.

Critics see mismatch between Coursera's mission, business model

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Coursera's decision to charge learners in some massive open online courses up front -- viewed by some as inevitable -- has critics asking if the MOOC provider is diverging from its mission of universal access.

Explaining Khan Academy's patent application for A/B testing in education

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Experts attempt to make sense of Khan Academy's patent application for A/B testing in education -- and whether it can even be patented.

How best can the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative invest billions in personalized learning?

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Experts weigh in on what the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative needs to do to put the Facebook founder's billions of dollars toward expanding the use of personalized learning.


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