Market forecast predicts major growth within LMS industry

A new market forecast suggests learning management systems won't just survive for another five years -- they'll thrive.

Researchers cast doubt about early warning systems' effect on retention

In two separate analyses, researchers cast doubt about claims made by Purdue on the impact of its early-warning system on retention.

Duke U. professor plans massive collaborative effort to tackle the challenges facing higher education


Duke's Cathy Davidson plans a massive collaborative effort to tackle the challenges facing higher education.

Despite new studies, flipping the classroom still enjoys widespread support

Despite a seemingly critical new study, the debate about flipping the classroom still tends to favor those in support.

Survey shows IT as a service dominates top priorities among university IT officials


The 2013 Campus Computing Survey shows officials minimizing the role of individual technologies to focus on IT as a service for faculty development and student success.

U. of Florida races to create online campus as Jan. 1 opening date approaches

With a combination of existing online courses, borrowed ideas and a little help from a private partner, the U. of Florida races to create a degree-granting online arm before the Jan. 1 launch date.

With fall pilot under way, Wake Forest U. joins 2U online course consortium

After months on the fence, Wake Forest University joins 2U's Semester Online consortium just as its fall pilot gets under way, but initial student interest at some institutions has been tepid.

MIT announces two MOOC sequences as edX strategy begins to take shape

Are MIT and edX's announcements about MOOC sequences and verified certificates of completion a sign of things to come, or just another round of experimentation?

Michigan State suspends professor from teaching following anti-Republican remarks

Creative writing professor at Michigan State crossed line from free expression to disrespect on the first day of class, administrators say. Faculty advocates say he's entitled to hearing before peers.

More female professors experiment with MOOCs, but men still dominate


More female professors are experimenting with MOOCs, but men and STEM classes still dominate course offerings.


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