Study suggests ways liberal arts colleges can create online courses

Initiative to encourage liberal arts colleges to create online courses gets positive reviews from faculty members, but students may not be convinced.

Amazon's high-profile hire from higher education: Candace Thille

Candace Thille, a pioneer in the science of learning, takes a leave from Stanford to help the ambitious retailer better train its workers, with implications that could extend far beyond the company.

Professors have mixed reactions to Blackboard plan to offer tool for grading online participation

Blackboard is getting ready to add a tool to its learning management system that would provide grading guidance based on algorithms, but some faculty members question need.

Abroad and online -- beyond Title IX’s reach?


Ruling in high-profile sexual harassment case suggests that foreign students in online courses have no recourse under Title IX.

New paper on artificial intelligence that can (mostly) correctly pick self-identified gays and lesbians sets off major debate

New paper on artificial intelligence that can (mostly) correctly pick self-identified gays and lesbians based on photos has been called nearly everything -- from bad science to an important “wake-up call.”

Harvard teams with corporate partner to offer online business analytics program

Three schools at the oldest university in the United States team up with 2U to start an online program in an emergent field.

For-credit MOOC proves popular among MIT students

MIT students reported that taking course online -- instead of same course on campus -- was less stressful than their in-person classes.

White paper explores how to redesign scholarly monograph for digital use

Scholarly database JSTOR explores -- through a white paper and prototypes -- how to redesign the scholarly monograph for digital reading.

Study questions effectiveness of online education for at-risk students

New study finds students at most risk may be those least well served by learning outside the classroom.

Analysts, colleges question Blackboard's all-of-the-above strategy


The education company wants to be a cutting-edge software provider and support colleges using older versions. Analysts and some colleges worry the company is stretching itself too thin.


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