Study examines impact of texting and tweeting on academic performance

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Study examines whether students should text or tweet in class -- or put their smartphones down -- to improve their grades. The results aren't as anti-device as some professors might think.

Academic, library and technology groups criticize new Elsevier sharing and hosting policy

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A coalition of academic, library and technology associations criticizes Elsevier's new sharing and hosting policy, saying it undermines open-access initiatives.

American Historical Association releases draft guidelines for evaluating digital scholarship

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Both individual scholars and departments are responsible for bringing digital scholarship into the mainstream, according to draft guidelines for evaluating such work published by the American Historical Association.

Arizona State, edX team to offer freshman year online through MOOCs

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Arizona State U, in partnership with edX, will award a freshman year's worth of academic credit through massive open online courses.

Study shows antidistraction software may improve online student performance

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Research by a Ph.D. student at Cornell U suggests making procrastination a hassle may improve student performance in online courses.

Accreditation snag delays Yale U.'s hybrid physician assistant program

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Yale U.'s hybrid physician assistant program hits an accreditation snag -- a win for critics who have wanted the program to be evaluated as a stand-alone offering.

Federal privacy bill a 'missed opportunity' for Obama administration, legal scholars say

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A new federal student privacy bill leaves out higher education, a move some legal scholars describe as a mistake.

U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign backs down on legal threat against code repository

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Computer science department at U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign rescinds a threat to crack down on students sharing code online.

Complainant in 'unprecedented' Walter Lewin sexual harassment case comes forward

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The complainant in the sexual harassment case involving a prominent MIT emeritus professor speaks out about what legal experts called an "unprecedented" event for MOOCs.

Study finds no impact of increasing class size on student outcomes

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Adding students to sections has no impact on outcomes, according to a large national study.


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