HathiTrust continues string of victories under 'fair use' doctrine in appeals court

The digital repository HathiTrust scores another victory as a federal appeals court rules its practices fall under the "fair use" doctrine.

One semester in, students satisfied with unfinished Georgia Tech online degree program

Georgia Tech is still putting the finishing touches on its affordable MOOC-like online master's degree, but students report a rewarding (and rigorous) first semester. However, enrollment and tuition targets may need some adjusting.

HighWire Press, after 19 years with Stanford U., spins off

After 19 years as an auxiliary of the Stanford University Libraries, the technology company HighWire Press spins off.

Some teaching and learning centers have closed after the recession, but field is growing over all

Some centers dedicated to teaching and learning have closed as a result of budget cuts. But the field is one of growth over all, experts say.

Temple U.'s new information security policy puts data, not devices, first

At Temple University, protecting sensitive data comes before protecting the device used to access it.

Gay rights group's FOIA request for professor's research pits privacy vs. academic freedom

FOIA requests regarding (another) U. of Virginia professor's research raise questions about email privacy and academic freedom yet again. And this time, the professor happens to be married to the university's president.

Digital humanities won't save the humanities, digital humanists say

A series of critical articles have some digital humanists saying the trend has been oversold, particularly with regard to producing academic jobs.

Google ends automatic ad keyword scanning of university email accounts

Does Google's decision to stop scanning university email for ad keywords represent a watershed moment for privacy or a symbolic gesture?

Collaboration, or lack thereof, behind Semester Online collapse

Administrators and faculty members reflect about future of online education on their campuses as 2U's Semester Online consortium nears its end.

To accept MOOCs for credit, Florida International U. may set up prior learning assessment safeguards

Florida International University prepares a prior learning assessment pilot in anticipation of granting credit for massive open online courses.


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