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Problems mount at Cheyney University, the oldest HBCU

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Cheyney U, the nation's first black college, faces rising deficits, falling enrollments and a crumbling campus. Are its problems due to decades of unfair treatment by Pennsylvania, inept management or both?

The for-profit industry is struggling, but has not reached the end of the road

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Feeling the push to survive heightened regulations, intense scrutiny and negative perceptions, the for-profit industry looks to transition to a new era.

At U. of Illinois, growth in the number of Chinese students has been dramatic

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The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign enrolled 37 undergraduates from China in 2000. Now it has close to 3,000. What are the implications of such a shift?

With increasing international enrollments, faculty grapple with implications for classrooms

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As international student enrollments have skyrocketed, U.S. universities are just starting to sort out the implications for the classroom. Do professors need to adjust grading expectations for written assignments?

A look at the landscape of pathway programs for international students run in cooperation with for-profit partners

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The continuing growth of pathway programs for international students reflects trends toward for-profit/nonprofit partnerships and raises questions about readiness and rigor.

2014 in and out list for higher education

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A look at the trends, people and terms that shaped 2013, with predictions about the year to come.

Laureate's growing global network of institutions

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Laureate Education has quietly become an 800,000-student behemoth and a major player in global higher education. So what is the company, exactly?

Arizona St. and Knewton's grand experiment with adaptive learning

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Knewton says its data-rich system can read students' minds. The company has landed Arizona State and Pearson as partners -- will the rest of higher education follow?

2015 in and out list

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A look at what happened in 2014 and what's to come in 2015 with Inside Higher Ed's third annual in-and-out list.

Read Inside Higher Ed's bloggers' on-the-fly analysis of the Apple event

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Our bloggers -- Josh Kim, Casey Green, Eric Stoller, Audrey Watters, Barbara Fister and Tracy Mitrano -- will start weighing in Thursday morning. Readers can join the conversation in the comments section below.


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