Recent studies from the Community College Research Center show that the use of a single test score for placement into Developmental Education is creating high rates of severe placement errors.  Students are being both under-placed and over-placed into Math and English developmental education courses. Furthermore, less than 25% of students assigned to remediation go on to earn a community college degree or transfer to a four-year college.

During this engaging presentation, two well-respected academics in the fields of college & career readiness and community college effectiveness, and an instructor of college success and developmental education courses at a community college, discuss frameworks and other research-backed ways of thinking about how to effectively assess and teach true college and career readiness.

Questions Explored:

  • What is missing from the current assessment system that is causing such high rates of error in placement and the eventual lack of student success?
  • How do we define a student as being truly college and career ready? 
  • And then how do we assess, teach, and support readiness across a broader system of assessments?


  • Thomas Bailey – Director, Community College Research Center
  • David T. Conley - Founder and CEO, Educational Policy Improvement Center
  • Amy Baldwin – Chair of College Studies, Pulaski Technical College  

View the video below, or use the link under the video window to download the video file. You can download the accompanying slide deck by clicking here.

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