The educational landscape is littered with learning object repositories (LORs), bouncing dustily across education like purposeless tumbleweeds blown by the winds of indifference. If no one cares about the LOR, if no one uses it, if no one even wants to try to use it, then who exactly is it helping? Introducing Canvas Commons, the LOR that will get used because it makes sharing so easy. In this interactive webinar learn more about Canvas Commons, including how it can help you to: - Create Your Very Own Personal Learning Object Repository - Create A Course From Scratch Without, Well, Starting From Scratch - Share Selectively—Be As Elitist Or Open As You Want - Make A Name For Yourself (And Your Institution) - Create Master Courses Without Compromising Quality or Wasting Time Just like we did with Canvas, with Canvas Commons, we set out to change things, to make it all easier. A lot easier. And by doing so, we believe—just like we believed with Canvas—that a simpler, smarter LOR will be the LOR that gets implemented, used, and loved (typically in that order). This is a LOR done different. Done right. This webinar features Jared Stein, Instructure’s VP of Research & Education, discussing Canvas Commons, sharing, and the way Canvas does LOR differently. Kenneth C. Green, senior research consultant for Inside Higher Ed and founding director of The Campus Computing Project, is the moderator for the webinar.

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